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10 motivational quotes which will change your mindset.

by Maham Babar

Why motivational quotes are necessary for us.As we all know we need some sort of push every day to keep ourselves focused and on the right track. You know the feeling when you laying on your couch being a typical Sunday couch potato, scrolling down through your Instagram feed you come across a deep motivational quote. It hits you hard and it peels off the laziness, envelops your whole system with energy. You feel hyped and motivated that you want to go out there and get your things done. That is the power of motivational quotes it bestows us with a burst of wisdom and focus. It is an easy and good source of inspiration we need for a day. Every day it gives a whole new perspective about life and encourages you to do better than yesterday. There are quotes for every situation, let’s suppose you just woke up and you need the motivation to get up you can read some morning motivational quotes. Are you feeling self-conscious and insecure about your appearance? Here I got something for you, “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”. See if you want to thank me for motivating you with these words you can send me thank you quotes but you don’t need to because I didn’t write this I just searched beauty quotes on google and picked one out of hundreds of quotes. Yes, these strong words can make a difference in your life. Apart from motivational purposes, these inspirational quotes can make sparkling captions for Instagram. 10 most amazing motivational quotesAlthough there are millions of quotes and saying but as I can’t list all of them I made a list of 10 awe-inspiring quotes.

 1: ” Anyone who has ever made anything of importance was disciplined”- Andrew Hendrixson

Andrew made it pretty clear that discipline is the key to make a difference. Indeed it is one of the basic blocks of life as it brings stability in your life. It brings responsibility and a sense of respect for time in your life. You create healthy patterns that help you to achieve goals with any distraction. Researchers found that those who live a disciplined life are more satisfied and have higher self-control than those who don’t live a disciplined life. The more satisfied you are the more you are away from depression and other mental diseases.

2: “Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door”- Coco Chanel

Everyone should spend their time wisely and on the right things. Nothing happens on its own; we have to act upon it to make things happen. A person who values time is more likely to succeed. The time you spend on powerful and productive activities you are moving forward in your life. If you destroy time, it will destroy you too. And as we all know time never stops for anyone so it’s better we utilize it appropriately.  

3: “Optimism is the one quality more associated with success and happiness than any other”- Brian Tracy

A positive attitude towards every tough situation can make things easier for you. The one who is optimistic about things is the one who can never lose hope. There is no alternative to optimism. When you are optimistic you enlighten yourself with new opportunities, learn from bad situations, and keep moving forward. What is better? Crying over spilled milk or moving forwards without wasting time. Obviously you have to get over things which were not meant to be and strive in search for new better things. That is how optimism works, it keeps you alive and insinuates hope inside you.  

4: “What you get by achieving your goal is as important as what you become by achieving it”- Henry David

These are some powerful words. You can only know a person truly by his patience when he has nothing and his attitude when he has everything. Nobody is going to love you or respect you if you are arrogant and obnoxious because you are successful and you got everything. Trust me no matter how much money you make if you disrespect people below you, you are as pathetic as Voldemort’s nose ( you will get this if you are a Harry Potter fan). Once you accept the equality between you and others, you become humble. Having a sense of respect for others despite their standard, race, gender, and religion is something every human has to learn. It will make this world a better place.   

5: “If the plan doesn’t work then change the plan not the goal”- Author Unknown

Whoever said this he made his point that no matter gets in your way you have to pass through it. Conquer the obstacles, don’t let obstacles conquer you. If you take a step towards accomplishing your goal and if you fail, you are not supposed to change your goal but your plan. Determination is a predominant factor to attain a goal. Always remember that nothing is impossible. Being successful in the first attempt is unlikely. So hold your fire and clear your mind you won’t get left behind.  

6: “It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark” -Howard Ruff

This quote emphasizes the future planning that one should plan ahead. Good planning is necessary to overcome the difficulties. Being prepared is one thing but this quote is asking you to take it to the next level and be one step ahead. The world is changing every day and the techniques you used yesterday may not work today so to survive you should always have a contingency plan. The leaders and businesses nowadays are aware of the changing situations so they are always ready for the change, those who aren’t ready they fail. Always have a Plan B and C ready if A doesn’t work then the other plan can save you. To be successful is one thing but to maintain the success you need to mold yourself according to the rapid refashioning of the world.   

7: “Holding on to anger is drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”- Budha

Holding grudges and anger inside you will only harm you. It covers oneself with negativity. So just let it go. No doubt that anger is natural, it shows that you feel. But it can be ruinous if you don’t handle it properly. If you let the anger take over you, be ready for the devastating consequences. You don’t see things clearly because of anger leading to bad decision making which you regret later. It’s also bad for your body. It can cause headaches, chronic pain, insomnia, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. Isn’t it better to get hold of your anger then to die because of it? Anger also affects your mind. It consumes your mind with negativity and destruction. Letting go of old grudges can decrease the level of depression and anxiety. When you hold so much anger it exhausts your mind. In order to free your mind from constant frustration just let the anger go.   

8: “You will succeed because most people are lazy”- Shahir Zag

That is exactly what happens, keep sleeping and dreaming about being successful and fool yourself and you will remain what you are. Or you can get up and work to change those dreams into reality. Laziness is the worst habit you can adopt. It makes your life boring and full of misery. Because you don’t do anything, you lose your skills and as you are just laying on your couch doing nothing you may overthink and suffer from depression. In the long run, laziness can snatch the reasons to even live. There is no particular reason to carry on with your life if you have nothing to do. You will feel lonely and left out. You see your friends succeed, curse your life, and keep doing the same thing every day. People who are lazy often live a sedentary life with low self-esteem. If you want to be what you want to be then you have to fight the urge of laying all day on a cozy couch watching Netflix.   

9: “A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing grows there”-Author Unknown

Finally, someone said it. You have to get out of your little hideaway and face the challenges life throws at you.  Staying in your comfort zone will make you feel safe but it actually stops you from growing. You will learn only what you want to learn causing limited learning. You will not get enough exposure because you are not ready to get out of your comfort. Getting out of your comfort zone is very necessary if you want to discover yourself. By taking new paths you will know yourself better. You learn and experience new things by taking less-traveled roads. Your knowledge will grow, you will get more experience with which you can do anything in your life. You won’t be afraid of experimenting with new things. All you have to do is take some steps gradually and get yourself out of your comfort zone. You will surely feel alive because you will be brave enough to face any change and difficulty in your life.   

10: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”- Mahatma Gandhi

 Inner change creates outer change. Many people want to go out there and change the world but for that, you have to change yourself. People always start with changing social and political views, they try to change other people. But the reality is you are a part of the society. So the first one who has to change is you. Start with yourself rather than changing others. You set an example, others will follow. “One person can’t make a difference anyway” you must have heard this line a lot of times. But that is not true. Yes, you can change the world. Don’t be afraid to say it out loud. Inner change is the key to outer change. You have to change your mentality, your habits, your point of view, and your actions. If you successfully change yourself you yourself will feel the difference, the change around you. A good human can influence many others.  

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