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Can Technology today transform human connection?

by Sunny Vu

The short answer is Yes. In fact, technology evolution has enhanced the way we communicate and enabled us to expand our human network beyond borders. 

Every cloud has a silver lining

If there is one most fascinating thing that we all learned throughout this global pandemic, that is how effectively technology can be used to maintain and support our effortless human connection regardless of the mass disruption of the novel virus. In fact, one can admit that thanks to technology, he/ she can get to know more people because they want to stay online and be connected more than ever during this coronavirus pandemic.

A decade for great Human Connection + Technology Evolution

Think about just about 10 years ago, when people barely used iPhone and Facebook, when there were no WhatApps, Viber, and Zoom, when we mostly communicate from far distance through phone service, and email seemed to be the fastest way to transfer written messages and important work documents, would things be much worse? The answer seems to be yes because people would not be able to continue their works without connecting with people. If you were doing a Capstone team project, you will not be able to graduate for maybe the next whole year because the team could not meet or discuss together at once on the phone, and could not do the final presentation with the stakeholder’s board of the project. 

If the COVID 19 pandemic happened to be COVID 09, our online technology had not been able to be well-equipped with social media tools, calling apps so we can still continue work from home, while still stay connected with our family and get news updated from the rest of the world. 

Work from home

Not long ago, working from home has been a fancy dream for most workers, who work 9-5 every day. That dream is more than just possible now since we all have to be forced to stay home while still being connected to make a living for ourselves and our whole family. We have discovered a new way of human connection as a multi-connection in one place – from our home or wherever we want to be by ourselves – as we are being able to spend more time with family and friends by calls, to work right next to our beloved ones, to socialize with more than one online meetings while jogging in the park. Our work desk can be on the deck or our bed for days and months, and nobody would ever question such a sedentary caveman lifestyle, even the boss. Yet, in a way, we can say we are confident to work remotely now and have stayed connected with humans more than ever before through long online conversations against the coronavirus outbreak. 

So What’s next for this whole new world, in the next decade ?

This year of 2020 has been beyond imagination and somehow made us all believe that nothing is impossible in our lifetime. If we can all have the most powerful wildest dream together for the next decade, then it could be – making our whole world a place with all healthy and happy people from our tiny home. The further question is – how we can transform our own lives and the world for the better, not worse, by connecting with this world and the evolving borderless technology. It is up to us to live our universe dream and make it happen, because nothing is impossible, and each of us has all elements that made up this universe. Let’s dream about it.

Read and get inspirations about how to work online with technology trends and how to be productive using the support of popular apps during the quarantine.

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