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How to approve Upwork Account?

by Noshad Ali

Upwork is a freelancing platform for very professional freelancers. Many freelancers have started working part-time on Upwork and now they work as full-time freelancers. Upwork has very high standards for its freelancers and clients that has maintained a high quality of professionalism. To maintain the high-quality standards Upwork does not accept the freelancer’s account right away. They check the profiles thoroughly before the approve their Upwork account.

Why Upwork does not approve freelancer’s account right away?

A big question raises when Upwork does not approve freelancer’s accounts because they are the building units of the site. Upwork charges a certain percentage from a freelancer and a client as a part of service fee which helps it in operating.

According to a survey, a sum of ten thousands signs ups are done on Upwork daily. This includes spams, and bots as well. To overcome this problem, Upwork has updated their algorithms and have set some check points to maintain the professionalism and high standards.

In this article we will discuss the tips to approve Upwork accounts

Bring Your Own Talent

One easy way of getting your Upwork account approved is to request someone you know that has a client’s account on Upwork. Client accounts have the option to invite freelancers to Upwork using the option “Bring your own Talent”. They will need your email address to send you the invitation and it is guaranteed that your Upwork account will be approved this way.

Agency Profiles

Upwork has agencies. People who own companies have set up their agency profiles on Upwork where they add freelancers and their employees under their agency accounts. If you know someone who has an agency profile on Upwork, you can request them to add you as their agency member and help you in getting your upwork profile approved.

Use email with your website domain

Email address with your website domain is considered very good for upwork account approval. If you have a website, and you own an email address with the domain, Upwork will consider it more professional and help you in getting your upwork account approved.

My personal email address is : noshadali19@gmail.com but my professional email is hello@noshadali.com

Upwork will give me some leverage if I use hello@noshadali.com to sign up.

Never use an immature email address like innocentdoll@gmail.com or priceofpersia@yahoo.com
Upwork will consider it a very unprofessional attitude.

Value of Profile Picture

According to a survey, a good looking, decent, and smiling profile picture increase your chances of winning a project by 50 to 60%.

For more information on creating better profiles on Freelancing Platforms refer to the article Tips for creating profiles on Freelancing Platforms

A professional head shot with a smile is considered very good for upwork account approval.

Video description

Upwork allows you to write a description of 5000 words on your profile. Your profile description should be catchy and to the point. Upwork also has an option of uploading a video description to your profile that makes it more liable. Upwork will consider it a good resource of get your account approved.


A good portfolio will help you get more projects as well as help you in getting your account approved. Clients are very keen on knowing about the previous work that you have done. You should include PDF files, images, etc. to make your portfolio stronger.

Social Media Accounts

Upwork gives you an option to connect your Social Media Accounts to your profile. This is another good option of Upwork that helps in verifying your identity and it could also be helpful in the upwork account approval.

Bonus Point

Another tip to approve Upwork account is to look out for the most demanding skills on Upwork. Upwork releases blog posts on the most demanding skills every year on their blog. You can select skills like Flutter, Cryptocurrency, etc. in your skills section and submit it for approval. It can be a helpful point. After getting approval, you can revert the skills back to your original skill sets.

These are some of the tips to approve Upwork account. Try following them on your account if you are facing trouble in getting approval. Upon getting an Upwork approved account, mention your URLs in the comment section to be a motivation.

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