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How to Keep Yourself Motivated during COVID-19 Crises

by Maham Babar

Why is motivation so important

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing—that’s why we recommend it daily.” —Zig Ziglar. Yes, it is all about motivation, it all comes down to motivation. Without motivation, no one can live a happy life as there won’t be any desire or purpose to actually get up and do things. You need constant motivation to achieve a goal. No one is born with motivation automatically activated in their systems its on the person if he has the sense of accomplishing something. So you see the importance of that one single word, a word that can change your quality of life. We can clearly see the difference a motivated person can make for an instant if William Cullen wasn’t motivated enough to create the first artificial form of refrigerator we would be storing our food in caves and streams. Honestly, you don’t want to imagine your life without it. The point is we have access to these technological luxuries person the people who invented them were motivated to bring a change and were up to achieve a goal. God bless them all.

Losing motivation in Covid-19

Keeping oneself motivated in this pandemic is becoming increasingly challenging as everyone is confined to their homes. People are unable to go out mingle, work in offices, they can’t gym or do any social activity. This isolation is killing the enthusiasm and motivation to do anything. Working from home is becoming daunting as people don’t get to refresh their minds by regular activities like swimming, eating out, and meeting friends. If people lack motivation they can’t be productive so we all need the motivation to keep going. Or else we can never have people like William Cullen and we will never be able to experience new inventions. Imagine if Steve Jobs faced this pandemic during his life and lost motivation we wouldn’t be having iPad, iPods, and the latest version of iPhones. It is very difficult to keep yourself motivated in a pandemic. We all get frustrated and we become lazy as we are not getting the perfect environment to do our activities. But if there is a will there is always away. So buckle up yourselves because there are certain ways to stay motivated during this pandemic.

Ways to stay motivated during the COVID

We all have access to the internet, we have smartphones, laptops, and other fancy gadgets. They are going to play a very important role to keep you motivated. Let’s get started with intrinsic motivation (motivation based on inner rewards such as self-improvement, learning, helping a friend, fear of your boss to complete the project, etc). In this lockdown, you feel trapped and every day you wonder why should I get up. There is no motive to wake up and kick start your day, you are internally demotivated. To charge your intrinsic motivation take your phone before getting out of your bed, open youtube search a video of a motivational speaker listen to what they say. This is very helpful because the way they speak they can push you to a point where you question yourself that what am I doing with my life. So it will create a sense of realization and here come your intrinsic motivation back to life. This is the best way to stay motivated intrinsically. Do you realize how many apps you can use? There are literally apps for everything nowadays. You want to workout just download an app that contains all the exercises for all kinds of workout with proper timing just like the gym. And when you miss out on any day of workout the app will send you a lot of reminders and motivational quotes to keep working out. Hence the gym lovers’ problem solved. Do you want to develop new skills like learning cooking or painting? Yes, we have apps for that as well. Name the activity and we have an app ready for it. In the case of you missing your friends, you can zoom call them, get yourself snacks, coffee, or whatever, and gossip all weekend for free. In this way, you can be safe and can keep yourself refreshed. This pandemic can actually bring out the best in you, as you can discover your hidden abilities and work on developing skills. And if you are frustrated and want to do something relaxing I have a solution for that too. Go and watch some movies or start watching a series. In the end, it’s all upon you how you keep yourself positive and set your goals these are just some ways to help you stay motivated.

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Quzzah September 4, 2020 - 11:43 am

This was much needed as I’m exhausted in quarantine now!! Thankyou ♥️

Rahimeen September 4, 2020 - 12:14 pm

This is really good. Loved your content ❤️

Urooj September 4, 2020 - 4:26 pm

This is informative, and I like reading about something relatable like this.

Nadia khan September 4, 2020 - 5:34 pm

Thanks for this ♥️ And keep it up ⭐️💫


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