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Impact of online games on the mental health of young people

by Saira Munsif

Online games have sprung up a lot in the last few years. Online games have attracted a large number of young people to become “loyal” consumers with their wonderful content, vivid pictures, realistic sound effects, and fashionable characters. However, we must see that the rapid development of online games also brings various problems.

Some of the online games have unhealthy content such as violence, ignorance, superstition, etc., which affect young people subtly. The formation of the correct “three outlooks” and the healthy development of mind and body, some young people indulge in online games due to lack of self-control, not only waste their studies but also induce a series of social problems. As an important part of the online public opinion of young people, the harm of online games to young people has long attracted great attention from all walks of life. For this reason, continuously reviewing the many negative impacts of the rapid development of online games on young people, analyzing the reasons in-depth, and proposing countermeasures is a major issue facing young workers.

Impact of online games on adolescents

The world of the Internet is illusory and different from real life. All information is input to the computer after processing by the human brain. Therefore, some people refer to online games as “cultural snakes”, while others call them “electronic heroin”. For young people whose psychology is not yet fully mature, online games do have a negative impact on their psychological growth.

Blurred moral cognition, producing wrong values and outlook

However, network information is a kind of multimedia information, which has certain defects in itself and has a negative impact on the development of the cognitive structure of the young brain. The curiosity of young people is very strong, and online games generally have “attack, fight, and competition” as the main components. Through various channels such as audiovisual and whole body senses, they can greatly satisfy their curiosity and thirst for stimulation.

Most adolescents are in the student stage. Excessive online games will hinder the normal development of the brain, which inhibits the normal development of the left forebrain of adolescents, and affects their early and mid-term intellectual development.

As a result of indulging on the Internet, a lot of time is wasted on the Internet, which badly affects a student’s studies. When it gets out of limit young people begin to skip their classes, stay late hours, and don’t focus on their school resulting in low grades which goes to loss on interest and confidence towards studies.

Distortion of personality

Teenagers play different social roles in the real environment, shoulder different social expectations, abide by different industry norms, and bear different obligations and responsibilities. But they spend most of their time passively receiving information, lacking opportunities to communicate with their parents, teachers, and elders. In real life, some teenagers are not very satisfied with their current situation. Some people are taller than the sky and talk boastfully all day long, always wanting to surpass others and become a respected person; some are under pressure to study and feel tired of studying. Once they encounter setbacks, they will start to escape


The Internet is a double-edged sword. If you can make good use of online information resources, allocate time for playing online games, and try your best to acquire knowledge through the Internet, it will help young people a lot in the long run.

Enhance self-confidence, sense of justice and love

Teenagers generally take the initiative to care about “what kind of person I am” and “what kind of person I should be”. In real life, young people want to achieve excellent results in their studies and achieve a high level of development in their abilities. Not only do they need to pay a lot of money, but they also need to have certain environmental conditions.

In the repeated failures, it is easy to form a sense of loss and anxiety, and always think that they are not good enough, and then show a lack of self-confidence. The virtual world of online games provides a buffer for the conflict between the expectations of young people and reality. The chance of success in playing online games is far higher than reality. The relativity and possibility of this kind of success is a powerful attraction for young people, allowing them to increase their self-confidence after success and face reality with a strong and brave attitude. In the modern materialistic society, everyone wears a mask of indifference and selfishness, and even parents and elders teach young people not to be nosy. However, in the game, it is inevitable to drink many players to contact and communicate, and in this process, you can provide help within your ability to players who know or don’t know. While helping others, you can also get a sense of satisfaction.

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With the rapid development of the Internet, online games have generally penetrated the lives of young people, and have an important impact on the mental health of young people. Adolescence is an important stage of life, and it is the only way for young people to gradually enter socialization. The realization of socialization goals depends on certain socialization methods including family, school, peer groups, mass media, and the Internet.

With the further development of information socialization, online games, as a new way of leisure, impact the traditional model of youth socialization and become another important way of youth socialization. The breadth and depth of the impact on the growth of young people cannot be achieved. As a new type of industry in China, online games are in a period of rapid development, and there are some problems in the process of development and operation. Online games not only affect the physical and mental health of young people, but also deeply affect young people’s outlook on the world, outlook on life, and values. Faced with the negative impact of some young people’s addiction to online games, it is necessary to analyze and study the internal reasons why online games affect young people, face up to the problem, and guide, adjust and redefine the positioning of online games in young people’s lives in a positive way.

Strengthen the supervision of online games, strengthen the supervision of public opinion, adopt a variety of powerful measures to promote the healthy development of the online game industry, cultivate the awareness of college students to treat online games correctly, create a good online cultural environment for the all-round development of young people, and bring them to young people A pure cyber cultural space.

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