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Artificial Intelligence New Era In Technology

by Shahina Ahmed

Being a part of the 4th industrial revolution we cannot deny the reality of Artificial intelligence and the technology attached to it. Technology in this era is beyond computers and mobiles, while people who are not cognizant and keep up to this advancement of tech are at a higher risk to left behind. So artificial intelligence which is commonly termed as AI is a giant upswing in mimicking a human brain to reason, perceive, and perform the tasks as a common man does. AI in today’s world is not just an element of tech rather is part and parcel of our daily activities, either in weather prediction, managing emails, or various mobile applications. The foundation for such an enigmatic venture which brought life to machine intelligence is the logarithms of machine learning. But this complex concept would remain vague until is not supported by its fundamental roots from history.

Deep roots of  Artificial Intelligence

Alan Turing a British mathematician back in the year 1950 gave the concept of machine learning by conceptualizing a machine that could think. Then these seeds of AI are saturated by Marvin Minsky in 1959 and gave a radical idea to Stanley Kubrick who later on come up with a science fiction movie in the year 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY.So this Artificial intelligence journey was then dragged to 1980 with the invention of the computer. Therefore it isn’t wrong to say that the innovation of computers is the first pragmatic step towards the road of Machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Everywhere

Artificial Intelligence besides its huge impact on our lives is the most unknown technology for several individuals. Back in the year 2017 in the United States, some 1500 business leaders were asked about this particular technology AI only 17 % of them were familiar with this advancement. Though they were already influenced and taking benefit of this tech in their companies and businesses but were not vivid enough about its effective utilization. This is one instance but there are a large number of people in the world who have not even heard about AI.

From our personal use to official work from the smartphone in our hands to self-driving cars we are using machine intelligence. How about the youtube and NETFLIX recommendations have we ever tried to ponder on this?No, because this is what machine learning is doing for us. Those suggestions are based on our preferences and likings which are ultimately filtered by machine logarithms to suggest similar content. There are thousands of other examples that are possible because of this new advancement. This technology completely changed the conventional business from the very basics of business managing tools to trend projections and even brand advertising procedures. One of the recent outbreaks by a  Japanese firm which is among the first companies nominated as AI board member for predicting faster market trend than a human. Furthermore, this tech can deal with excessive data and information and filter it our for further prediction

AI Future

After 2020 AI will take over customer interaction in both conducting and managing terms.

AI will soon undertake and test product development and manufacturing equipment domain.

AI will progress in making it possible for every individual to define and design products and services according to their requirement in various sectors like traveling, banking, and other insurance companies.

This technology will be emerging in the commercial sector with a huge involvement.

AI will penetrate in all government and legal systems except the part which needs human judgement.

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