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Kennedy Lugar – Youth Exchange and Study Program

by Noshad Ali

Youth exchange and study program (YES) is a full scholarship exchange program that is administered by the US Department of State. The program provides a scholarship for one academic year to live and study abroad. YES abroad students serve as “Youth Ambassadors” of their respective countries in the United States. Students get to live with a host family, attend a high school, acquire leadership skills, and they also help educate others about American society and values.

Students promote mutual understanding by involving in different activities such as volunteering, presenting presentations, and making lasting relationships with their host families and the community.

YES Program is not only to the United States but it bestows you with more precious things. It is never easy to leave your home and travel overseas when you are just in high school. Many of my colleagues appreciated me for making it happen because I made all across Asia to the US.

Initially, it was hard to get to know people since my high school was extremely diverse. But slowly and gradually I started to join clubs, luckily I got selected for debating society and I got into a softball team, etc. I began to relinquish my insecurities and I was more confident than ever before.

You also get a chance to volunteer in your host families and get a chance to interact and present your thoughts across various schools and places. By the end of the year, you make a lot of friends.

YES program not only transform you but also allows you to create a change in the community. People learn about you, your country, religion, and values.

Now even after coming back from the program, I am still creating a change in my community by getting involved in Alumni projects. And I am honored to be serving my community.

YES keeps you engaged in a lot of activities even after you come back to your home country and gives you great opportunities to serve your community

The eligibility criteria for Yes Program is

  • Be between the age of 15-17 years
  • Be enrolled in a secondary school in Pakistan.
  • Should be in Grade 9th or 10th or O- Levels
  • Be able to communicate in English

For further information about eligibility criteria and application process, you can visit the link below


Author: Mojiza Baig (Former YES Scholar)

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