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10 Must-Use Microsoft Team Tools for Your Business

by Rahima Jan

Microsoft Teams is an easy-to-communicate collaboration platform, for apps such as Slack or Google Chat. Its user-friendly design, connection with Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Teams technologies make it a suitable choice to existing team communication platforms. Microsoft Team Tools have a great features that help its users in many ways.

File Sharing

File sharing is a common function in team communication software, but Microsoft Teams approaches things a little differently.

Teams has a larger capacity than other options such as Slack. You can upload up to 15GB of data with Teams. Another characteristic that differentiates Teams is in-line video playback. When you submit a video, it is immediately available for viewing within the app.


Karma is an app that allows you to offer “kudos” to members of your team. Employees may use this app to award each other karma points and climb up the leaderboards.

You may offer kudos to an excellent response in a topic or a specific post. As a result, everyone is motivated to work more effectively and provide results faster.

Some of the use cases include teammate praise, micro-feedback, quick and long-term benefits, and performance tracking. Karma bot creates user profiles and offers comprehensive information to team leaders, providing healthy competition that increases productivity.

Meeting Scheduler

Teams is integrated with Microsoft Exchange, so if you book a meeting in Outlook, it will be displayed on Teams.

The scheduling feature in Teams is similar to the one in Outlook. A meeting may be created using either the desktop programme or a browser.

The system provides a separate area for availability information when arranging a meeting. This is used in conjunction with the recipient’s calendar to evaluate whether or not the attendee is available for meetings.


The Wiki app is offered as a default app for Microsoft Teams when you establish a channel. Within Microsoft Teams, you may use this productivity software as a separate workspace to maintain notes for your team members.

It’s a smart-text editor that allows you to write, edit, and talk all in one location. You may use Wiki to keep a simple how-to guide so that everyone can follow basic guidelines and stay up to date.


Microsoft Staff Hub, a team scheduling software, was formerly utilized to handle team scheduling. As of June 2020, this was no longer in use.

Microsoft Shifts, a time management app, has taken its place. Team captains In Teams, go to the shifts tab and select “Select a team schedule” or “Create a new schedule.” When you create them, Teams adds them to a list that you can see or update as required.

Universal Channel

A universal channel aids in the organization of discussions that take place in different collaboration applications such as Slack or Webex.

Universal channels enable you to stay in Microsoft Teams while chatting with external business contacts as if they were colleagues – even if they use a different app.

If you’re aware with Slack, universal channels are similar to shared channels in Slack, except they’re cross-platform.


The YouTube app integration in Microsoft Teams enables you to search for specific YouTube videos right from the Teams app.

The YouTube app is frequently linked with office procrastination, but when connected with Teams, it may enable teams to effortlessly exchange links to business-related playlists and channels. One of the most common applications is staff training that the firm does not deliver through internal resources.


Microsoft Planner is a tool for organizing work for your team. In tools like Wrike, Asana, or Trello, you assign individual tasks to team members using Planner. Monitoring project progress and micromanaging activities requires small effort.

For Teams users, there is no need to download this default app. Creating new plans is simple, and the system allows users to reuse previous plans as necessary.


Mural is a visual collaboration tool that gives a digital workplace. Teams may use this software to think and interact graphically by fast producing diagrams.

 This software adds a custom tab, notification bot, and messaging extension to your Microsoft Teams workplace. To contribute in real-time, you can add a new MURAL or one template and many frameworks to your project channel.

Microsoft Stream

Tabs are located along the top of the Teams main panel. These tabs allow you to choose from a variety of Microsoft Teams tools and add them to your Teams window.

Streams is another Microsoft Teams product that does not require a download. You create the tab, give it a name, and provide a URL that points to a Microsoft Stream movie or channel.

These URLs may be found on the Microsoft Stream website and can be copied once you’ve submitted them by clicking the share button.

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