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Why my Posts are hidden on Instagram

by Noshad Ali

Social networks today are widely popular among representatives of different age groups and nationalities. All people are united in social networks and at the same time, they divide them into target groups that are based on user preferences. For this reason, Instagram is used for advertising, bringing to life opportunities for becoming famous, as well as for running your own business and also meeting new people.

Most Instagram users actively maintain their accounts, filling them with interesting publications. However, often an Instagram user may notice that he cannot see one of his subscribers’ posts. What is the reason for this? Why is this happening? In our article we will try to answer these questions: “What is an Instagram post?”, and “Why are publications not visible?”. In addition, we will figure out how you can hide your posts from Instagram followers.

What is an Instagram post?

A post or publication is what you see in your feed, that is, photos and videos of different people on different topics. That is, every publication that Insta users publish is a post.

Regular posting of posts allows not only to attract new subscribers but also to keep the attention of the created audience. The optimal number of publications per day is from 1 to 4. In such conditions, the algorithms of the social network accept the account as active and output it to the recommended ones. At the same time, you need to understand how to write Instagram posts correctly so that not only algorithms like it, but also your readers.

Why do I need to write Instagram posts

The most common purpose of writing Instagram posts is to create a target audience. After all, only if there are enough subscribers, the content can become paid. In addition, the placement of information helps to maintain the activity of the page and maintain the attention of the audience.

A large number of subscribers increases the chances of cooperation with advertisers. If you have a small audience, you can increase it using the special service. Or if you need Mass to unfollow Instagram it is recommended to use SpamGuard service.

Why are my posts hidden in Instagram?

You decided to view the user’s profile on Instagram but unexpectedly noticed the message “There are no publications yet”. What’s happened to the profile, because yesterday you saw a lot of published posts? Maybe the user deleted them all? Let’s figure it out now!

What is the reason? – Here’s the answer. Indeed, a person could simply delete all his entries in this social network, then you will see the mentioned message.

But most likely this is not the case and the reason is that the user just blocked you!

There are many ways to check this. So, let’s get started!

Spam Guard

How can be checked that I have been blocked?

Method 1

We check the following fact: the absence of a profile in the “Subscriptions” or “Subscribers” sections …

  1. Now you should open your profile by selecting the appropriate item in the panel below.
  2. Then select the “Subscriptions” section.
  3. Next, the user needs to find the appropriate profile among the entire list. If you haven’t found it yet, you’ve been blocked!
  4. Repeat all the above points with another section: “Subscribers”.

But maybe you just don’t subscribe to him, and he doesn’t subscribe to you… As you can see, this information is not enough to make an affirmative conclusion that the message “There are no publications yet” appeared because of the blacklist.

Method 2

First, view the number of profile posts (displayed at the top of the screen). If their number is zero, then you are probably on the blacklist. More detailed instructions:

  1. Open the search in Instagram, and then enter the name of the profile in this field.
  2. In the drop-down list, find the appropriate user and click on it.
  3. After a short download, pay attention to the “Publications” item at the top.

But of course, that still doesn’t explain anything! – sometimes Instagram displays the number of posts.

Method 3

Try to subscribe to the user!

At first, it seems that this is completely not logical and will not help in any way to determine the lock … But, not everything is so simple! The fact is that according to the rules of Instagram, you will not be able to subscribe to a profile if you are on his blacklist. What happens when you click on the “Subscribe” button?

At first, it will turn white, as if everything is ready. But after 2-3 seconds, it will turn blue again, and the subscription will not be activated. Or just the service will tell you that “the user is not found”

This is a sure sign that the user has blocked you or you were deleted during the fast unfollow, and the reason for what you see is “There is no publication yet” although there are. 

Method 4

Write to the user indirectly.

Another very simple way! When trying to send a message to this user, everything will go fine (at first glance). But as soon as you update your direct (scroll down), the chat will be instantly deleted, and the message will never reach the recipient, which means adding to the blacklist.

For maximum reliability, we recommend paying attention to the list of subscribers of the user. How to view it?

  1. Launch the Instagram app and go to the person’s page (for example, through search).
  2. Click once on the “Subscribers” item.
  3. Now an important point: if they are displayed, then everything is fine, but if you see the message “Sorry, we could not fulfill your request”, you are on the blacklist!

Please note that these signs may also indicate that the profile page is “closed” (in this case, you will not be blacklisted by the user). But there is still one difference. You will be able to send a subscription request to a closed account without any problems, and if you were blocked, then, accordingly, not (more about this is written above).

And if the message “There is no publication”, remains, but at the same time the user is subscribed to the account, so they really do not exist.

How to hide Instagram posts?

The “Archive” function is offered to users of the social network to clear the page of unnecessary posts, hide or temporarily restrict access to them. This record will be saved until the owner wants to “Show in profile” again. Likes, comments, and previous statistics are saved. The publication will be re-posted, but on the date when it first appeared in the Feed.

Other ways to hide Instagram photos from a specific person or strangers:

  • make the account private. Only those who were previously subscribed or the application for a “subscription” was confirmed by the profile owner will be able to view photos and videos;
  • block. The “blacklist” blocks access to viewing posts;
  • “Hide My Stories”. A separate function for viewing Stories by other users.

In the first case, only subscribers will be able to view publications before the page is closed. Or those whose applications were approved by the owner of the page. This option is not suitable for owners of business profiles or public pages.

How to close from a specific subscriber

To block another user and hide posts on Instagram, you need to:

  1. Log in to Instagram – log in.
  2. Go to the selected profile – three dots on top.
  3. In the list, select: “Block” – confirm the action.

Now, this person will not be able to send messages to your direct, view publications, and leave comments. Full blocking also applies to IGTV and Stories sections. But the “Blacklist” works both ways: the blocker will also not be able to watch the entries on the blocked profile.

The second way to hide Instagram posts from one person is to set privacy settings on the History. In this case, publications from the Feed will be available. But the user’s avatar will not appear in the list of active broadcasts or new Stories.

How to Hide Stories:

  1. Go to the selected profile – three dots on top.
  2. In the list: “Hide my Stories” – confirm the action.

Also, if the specified person wants to watch Stories, he will receive a notification: “There are no Publications” or the avatar icon will not be clickable.

Which is better: archiving or blocking

Archiving assumes that the record becomes inaccessible to all users except the owner. Blocking is aimed at a specific person, but mutual, without access to someone else’s Tape. By entering a person into the “blacklist”, Instagram will automatically unsubscribe him from the page.

To know everything about a cleaner for Instagram online you may visit the SpamGuard service.

Spam Guard

How to open access to a closed post again

If the record has been “Archived”, the profile owner can restore it at any time.

How to return a post to the Feed:

  1. Click: “My page— – side menu “Settings”.
  2. Archive – specify the section at the top: “Publications”.
  3. Select a post – click the three dots on top.
  4. Show in profile – Confirm.

Now the entry will return to the profile on the date when it was published.

To unblock another person:

  1. Instagram Settings – Privacy.
  2. Blocked accounts – select the desired user.
  3. Go to the page – click: “Unblock”.

When the window appears: “You definitely want to be removed from the blacklist” — answer in the affirmative. Another user will not receive notifications about unblocking or adding to the list: “Blocked”. But there will be access to posts on public pages.

Hiding Instagram posts from one person are easier than completely closing an account. Using privacy settings, you can limit comments, remove reactions to Stories, and specify filters for acceptable phrases in comments.

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