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Spam Guard – Antispam App for Instagram

by Noshad Ali

Spamming.. Looks like a familiar word, right?

Yes. It is the process of sending unwanted and useless stuff to their inboxes or personal accounts. It is usually done to non-commercial proselytising, for any prohibited purpose (especially the fraudulent purpose of phishing), or simply sending the same message.

It is irritating and time wasting. No one wants to keep unwanted and useless stuff in their inbox so they have to get rid of them either by deleting the spam messages one by one or by using a few softwares. Here comes SPAMGUARD, your ultimate partner in preventing unwanted stuff for your instagram account.

What do people spam with?

Spamming is a very usual way of marketing. Sounds fun, yeah but most of the people sneak into my inbox with their offers and product marketing. They either tell me to purchase their product on 25% off or get their subscription service for another discount. It usually gets irritating when you see a number of such people sneaking into your inbox with their offers in which you are least interested in.

Spam Guard protects your instagram accounts from these unwanted messages and blocks them right away. You need to connect your instagram account to Spamguard and let it do the rest for you.

You will feel much better and relaxed

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