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Best Freelancing platforms for Freelancers to make money online

by Noshad Ali

Freelancing has been a most observed trend in the last few years among the youngster. Many people start working before completing their university degrees. Several freelancing platforms on the internet have made it easier for them to find work. The trend has increased and people also like to hire remote freelance workers rather than a full-time employee. In this article, we are going to discuss the top freelancing platforms for freelancers to help them make money online.


Upwork freelance marketplace is one of the most professional and loved freelancing platforms across the globe. Upwork has more than 1.5 million clients. It provides fixed and hourly contracts to the freelancers. Regardless of the level of your experience, Upwork would love to have you onboard either as a freelancer or a client.


Freelaner.com is an Australian Freelance marketplace providing you the opportunity to compete with fellow freelancers in your skillset. You can showcase your skills and expertise in the portfolio section to attract clients.


Craiglist is not only for buying and selling of things. It has been considered the same by a lot of people. People post Job Ads too. You can find local jobs or prefer to select a remote freelance job.


Guru.com gives you the privilege to showcase your services and hunt for relevant projects. Guru is a traditional freelance market place where you have to go searching for a project.


99Designs is specially designed for designers and creative artists. You have to compete with your fellow designers on different contests and prove your work.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour is another freelancing platform. It gives you the option of offering your services as well as search for projects too. If you are a Web Developer, or Digital Marketing Expert People Per Hour is worth checking for you.


Fiverr is another best freelance platform for beginners. As the name says all of the services on Fiverr start at $5. You will find the opportunity to sell any kind of skill on Fiverr and it is the suggested platform for newbies. A lot of freelancers are earning millions of dollars by selling their services on Fiverr.

You don’t have to worry about searching for projects on Fiverr because this is a place where clients will come searching for you.


Kolabtree is a freelance market place for scientists and academics who are looking for help with research, thesis, etc. You will find freelancers having PhDs having expertise in writing, data analysis, etc.

Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance writing platforms are also searched a lot. People with good writing skills can offer their writing services on Freelance Writing gig.

There are many other freelancing platforms too. Some of them are specific to some skill sets, and some are specific for some regions but the freelancing platforms mentioned in this article are accessible all over the world for all kinds of skills. You can make your career working on these freelancing platforms.

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