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Benefits of Freelancing

by Noshad Ali

Freelancing means self employment. You are the boss of yourself and work in your comfort zone. Isn’t it awesome?

Many skills can be sold online. People learn skills and work with them on freelancing websites like Upwork, Fiverr, etc. Most of them make freelancing their career. They don’t go to offices to do 9 – 5 traditional jobs.

Benefits of Freelancing goes infinite if you start counting them. In this article, we are going to discuss a few.

Be your own boss

You don’t need to report to your Managers, and bosses strictly. You have the flexibility to work in your favorite time with no restrictions. BUT the client you work for is your Boss and it is your responsibility to keep him updated about what you are doing from him. Online clients are usually individual people who become your friends during your work.

Based on personal experience, I have been working with a client from the United States. She is such a professional lady who not only cares about the business but thinks about moral, and ethical values. She does not bound me to complete a task but I feel the responsibility to complete her work.

Flexible Timings

You define your work time. You don’t have to report at your office at 9 am sharp in the morning with fully suited on. You can define your favorite working hours. You can even work less than 8 hours a day if you are productive with the time you spend and get results. No client is going to force you to work on their timezones unless there is a special case.

Based on personal experience, I have mostly worked for people from American and European countries. There is a major time difference between those countries and Asia. I have always worked in my time zone and have delivered the best results to them.

Relaxed Working Environment

You can work from anywhere in the world or anywhere from your house. You are not bound to suit up with your tie on. Your client is never going to ask you if you are at your work station or bed as far as he is getting results. But experts say being well dressed for work even in your work station adds up to the productivity.

Based on personal experience, I have set up my work station in my bedroom. Sometimes, I work from my work station and sometimes I work from my bed depending on my mood. This can never happen in an office.

No Educational Background required

You cannot work in a traditional job environment without a degree. It is the first thing mentioned in job advertisements. But you don’t need any degree, or certification for freelancing online. The only thing you need is a skill. Your client is not going to ask you about your degrees but he will ask for your portfolio. If you don’t own a degree and have skills then you can easily work online.

Flexible Earning

You can earn as much as you work. The more you work the more you will earn. You don’t get bound to a single client. You are open to working with as many clients as you want to depend on your capacity. No client is going to stop you from working for others unless you are a good time manager and working properly with them.

Based on personal experience, I can manage multiple clients. I am working with 4 people right now. Some of them being online and some offline.

Benefits of Freelance work are not countable. The list goes on and on. It gives you to handle your household tasks with work very easily. You must respect your client, provide him the quality work, meet deadlines, and you will win clients for long terms or even forever.

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