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Mental Health Problem: a Major Impact of Covid-19

by Menayal Baig

The pandemic, Covid-19, is not only a health crisis but has also impacted various other sectors of human life like the economic sector, usual life sector, etc. But among all, it has adversely affected the mental health of people. Because of the lockdown and curfews, the economy has been affected severely. Many businesses have suffered and many more have been closed. This led to the lack of jobs, reduction of pays, poverty, isolation at homes which lead to bad health and mental conditions, depression, and stress for many people. These mental health problems are also a major cause of suicide. Suicide ratio has increased during this pandemic situation because people have to worry about many things.

Because of the lockdown and curfews, many businesses have been closed because the owners cannot provide pays to employers. This caused the lack of jobs, and if jobs are present, they are giving very low wages to employers like some institutions have decreased salaries by 30 percent while others have slashed it as high as 80 to 90 percent. This has caused the employers to worry more about the problems like how they are going to provide food to their family, how are they going to pay bills like the electricity or gas bills, or how to pay for house rent. These all caused stress and tension for the individuals.

Many people are safe and staying home during this pandemic. They have everything a person desires, whereas some people are working, or trying to find some work during the pandemic. Half of the population of Pakistan are living below the poverty line, so they have to worry about the food. They do not care about the disease that is haunting people but is rather thinking about the empty hands and hungry stomachs that awaits them when they come home. If they come home with food and money then everybody at their home would be happy, but if they do not come home with anything then it is the cause of mental illness not for the person itself, but also the whole family.

Because of the economic tensions, people are worried about meals, but their tensions are increased when the schools and universities, even though they have been closed since the start of the pandemic, where their children study demands fee. This increases the stress and depression level of the unemployed or lowly employed fathers or single mothers who now despite worrying about the food, also have to worry about fees.

Even the online classes that are going on are the cause of stress and depression for many students. Because many students live in the area where there is no internet connection, and because the Covid-19 had hit many people financially too, so many people now cannot afford an expensive and long-lasting internet connection, so it would affect their grades and in turn their mental health.

The elderly and old people who are staying at home are also suffering from depression because they have to stay at home all day and do nothing. They listen to the news and worry about the increasing number of Covid-19 patients and the increasing death rate. They also stress about when this pandemic would end, and in turn, caused depressing effects on their health.

Whatsoever the causes of depression and stress are, a person must stay normal. If they are staying home then they should find some useful things to do at home like focusing on Islamic and Quranic teachings, joining online courses, trying for some online work, etc. because when a person tries to keep himself busy then he/she feels relieved. The people who are home and living a normal life should also remember those people who are out there striving to provide for their family and try to help those people who are suffering from an economic crisis during this pandemic time. Though Covid-19 does not distinguish between rich and poor, happy or depressed, but we can, so we must try to help those people who are suffering in this time from either economic problems or mental problems.

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