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My Life as a Freelancer

by Noshad Ali

I am a 20th-century production born in between the mountains of the Northern Region of Pakistan. Having a computer from the early Childhood I became tech-savvy and started playing around with different programs. Pinball was my all-time favorite game back then.

This created the base for what I am now. I am an independent self-employed (Freelancer) who studied and paid all the bills by myself. Inspiring, isn’t it? This is because I started working right after joining my university and began to grow my skills. I got my first project from an Indian Client in 2016 which motivated me to the best. It was a small Data Entry task and the happiness of getting the first project was unexplainable.

I own a Bachelors’s degree in Computer Science and it has been exactly a month since I graduated. I am not a super technical expert or a coder. I got expertise in the other tools with great demand that allowed me to work online.

Graduation day at TMUC, Islamabad
Picture on the Graduation Day

Personal Life

I live with my parents since childhood which is an amazing experience. We are four family members being called a Nuclear Family. I don’t have a strict schedule of waking up at 7 am to reach the office at 9. But this doesn’t mean I am unorganized. I am an individual Freelancer dealing with 4 or 5 clients at the same time. But Proper time management is a must. This is very important to manage your self as well as your clients that ultimately results in great customer satisfaction.

I enjoy being with my nephews, and nieces at any time I want. This is possible because I don’t work 9 to 5.

I can go anywhere I want and whenever I want being said that I meet my client’s deadlines and providing them a good quality work. This is what Freelancing lets you do.

Social Life

I am a huge social animal. I am a huge fan of socializing and social activities. You can find me in community services, friends gatherings, and a lot more. Community services call me at any time of the day and I try to be the first one to stand up. COVID affected a lot of people across the country and I participated in the relief activities to the best of my capabilities.

COVID-19 relief activities
COVID-19 relief activities

Community Service

I have a start-up called Career Drive. The objective behind it is to make people aware of Freelancing and Digital skills and the target audience is the people of remote areas who are getting Internet access. I have organized a Bootcamp in Chitral back in 2019, where I was able to make 15 people aware of Digital Skills and Freelancing. I got very good support from the local organizations and the community who helped me in achieving my goal successfully.

Speaking to the public at the last day of Career Drive Digital Skills Bootcamp
Speaking to the public at the last day of Career Drive Digital Skills Bootcamp


I am a blogger as well. The one which you are reading right now. And this is also a source of income. I provide free services through my blog for the beginner freelancers who face difficulties in getting started.

I would love to hear from you and write about any topic you want me to about Freelancing based on my experience.


Like everyone, I have a few hobbies. I am fond of Music and have performed at some places. I am fond of YouTubing and I also have a channel where I have made some online courses. You can check from here Noshad Ali

I can play Chitral Sithar as a hobby. It is a string-based musical instrument usually played in the North. Believe me, the strings are very melodious.

Chitrali Sithar Performance
Chitrali Sithar Performance

There is a lot more than this in my life. Most of the people don’t get such opportunities because of their work commitments and other responsibilities. but for me, all of these things are possible because of being a Freelancer at a very young age. I am not bound to have 30 days holiday in a year. I can work anywhere I want as far as I have an Internet connection and it is available most of the time.

Freelancing allows you to earn a lot of money from your Home. Other than Freelancing, there are several ways to make money online like blogging, drop shipping, affiliate marketing, and a lot more. What we need to do is to explore these opportunities and identify the best one for us.

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Hayat Ali November 25, 2020 - 4:54 am

Huge Respect bro. I really wanna meet you in personal.

Noshad Ali November 25, 2020 - 5:02 am

Thank You:”)
I am honored.


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