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Top 10 Highly Valued Freelance Skills

by Rozeena Baig

Freelance skills can generate the highest income for you If you have just started your career as a freelancer .you might be curious to know about trending Freelance skills that can generate highest income for you. Getting paid well is directly proportional to your job skills. So, if you want to see yourself as a successful freelancer, we would suggest you keep a check on all the in-demand freelancing skills.

It is important to cope with emerging skills because today’s highly demanded skills might go out of demand in a couple of years. To justify this, I would like to quote an example here. There was a time when Macromedia Flash was used to create animations for websites but it is being replaced by Adobe Illustrator now.

To learn about in-demand freelance skills you can follow the freelance marketplaces. These freelance marketplaces keep posting about their in-demand skills according to the trend being followed. Besides this, there are some skills that never go out of demand. Though these ever-green skills don’t get a place in the list of trending skills, they are always there for the new freelancers. Today in this article we have gathered a bunch of skills that can always be counted as in-demand skills.

Data Entry/Virtual Assistant

The Data entry jobs do not require much experience or academic qualifications. Along with major technical skills data entry and virtual assistance jobs have never gone out of demand. So, starting with a data entry job isn’t a bad idea.

Creative Writer

Creative writing is popular as one of the hottest fields for freelancers so; it will always stay in the list of in-demands skills. If you have a creative mind along with the habit of reading and writing more, then you have a bright freelancing career ahead of you. Almost every freelance website keeps looking for creative writers with knowledge of writing SEO researched articles. Creative writers are mostly expected to do the keyword research so the article gets a well rank when published.

Animations/Video Creation

It is a proven fact that video content has capacity to engage more people as compared to the pictures and text posts. This is the reason why social media websites demand more for video creators and animators. The popularity of YouTube has also added to the demand of video creation and animation. You can use Softwares like Fimora and Adobe Premier to get these jobs done.

Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing

With rise in social media applications, social media marketing has become an integral part of business marketing strategies. Currently, every small business firm uses social media marketing tools to promote their products therefore; digital marketers and social media marketers have access to plenty of opportunities.

React Native/ Angular JS/ WordPress

Some other ever green in-demand skills include React Native, Angular JS and WordPress. There are plenty of opportunities related to all these skills on almost every freelance website. It would be a great idea to master any of these skills so that you can survive as a freelancer.


Search Engine Optimization is another important skill of the modern digital world. To get your hands on this skill you should have an understanding of Google algorithms. SEO helps your website to rank better in the search engines. It also helps you in enhancing the website traffic. If you want to make a steady career in freelancing, I would suggest you to master this skill.

Mobile App Development

In the last decade we have seen a massive uplift in usage of mobile phones. Along with its usage, demand for mobile applications has also reached to a maximum limit. Currently, there is a considerable demand for Hybrid Mobile App developers.

Graphics Designing

Demand for Graphic Designers will never shrink in the freelance markets. It’s because where there are computers, there is always space for graphic designers. There also is a considerable demand to design user interface for mobile applications.

Software Development

Another productive skill that has a substantial demand in freelance market places is Software Development. While going through the projects being posted on various freelancing websites, you will experience that there is a good demand for software developers. Software developers must have quality skills related to cloud-based applications.

Website Development

Website Development is currently leading the list of in-demand skills. As the Corona Pandemic has forced all small and big businesses to shift online, demand for website development has reached its maximum. Therefore, there is a considerable demand for website developers in every freelance marketplace.

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