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Smartphones Next Generation Looks Like Out Of Equation

by Shahina Ahmed

Technology is one of the biggest obsessions in the industrial world. But mobile phones are among those gadgets which get the largest attention of people across the world. It is not unreal to say that majority of people have the accessibility to phones than toilets. In addition to this on average 2617 times, a normal person touches his phone in a single day. So because of this addiction and day by day revolution in mobile phones the last ten years is declared as the “decade of smartphones”. The tremendous demand for mobile phones from their earliest use to call only which soon upgraded to text has changed this tech beyond common people’s imagination. Now, this tech is among the basic needs of an individual having the capacity to do anything from waking him up to the limit of sleeping patterns of a common man. Therefore it is obvious that smartphones will keep on changing their generation from Mobira (Nokia) to now iPhone 12 pro max to something which is not marketed yet.

Jack Uldrich an author and speaker named this change “The transition we’re about to experience is that we’re going to go from accessing the internet to living on the internet”. According to a Swedish company Ericsson survey of 2015, it is said that smartphones would be outdated by the year 2020. Predictions about replacing technologies include Artificial intelligence, augmented intelligence, and wearable electronics which would be emerged with a completely new technologies. These devices could have the capacity to change our daily existence far better than what smart mobiles did. Smartphones in the next few decades will not remain to be a smartphone, though we will be taking benefit of its functions soon adding many more. There is a prognosis that this tech would disappear in near future with an innovation that functions as a smartphone. Like on a regular glass you would be receiving calls with an image and name of a person and you would be able to answer that call without ear and headphones. Not only calls will be possible this way rather you would be reading emails and turning on music and using it for navigation etc. Such devices are still in the progress to assign a name but the prophecy is that they won’t be touchy glass screens and palm-sized like the conventional mobile phones. As they are backed with the modern and new technology of augmented and virtual reality thereupon they would be in the form of a bunch of widgets like necklace beads or anything like eye lenses and glasses. It is also said that these devices unlike today’s smartphones would follow the air gestures and voice commands for their functioning. Therefore smartphones will soon introduce their new generation because the pace of innovation in the mobile industry is manifold.

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