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5 Best SEO Tools for Small Businesses

by Noshad Ali

As a small business owner, you probably wear more hats than a milliner. And now, are you expected to wear the SEO hat, too? Well, fear not. Today, I’m diving into the best SEO tools for small businesses to help you manage your online presence without dropping the ball.

Whether you’re looking for a heavyweight solution that does it all or just a few handy ‘seo small tools’ to fine-tune your website, I’ve got you covered. Before you start wondering if these tools are just for the tech-savvy, let me assure you—they’re as user-friendly as they are powerful. So, let’s explore how these tools can make you feel like one of the best SEO companies for small businesses, even if it’s just you and your laptop!

The following are the BESO SEO Tools for Small Businesses. You can check them and use their features to meet your business needs.


Navigating the complex SEO world can be daunting for small business owners, but that’s where SERanking comes into play. This complete SEO suite streamlines search engine optimization by offering a range of easy-to-use tools ideal for novices and seasoned marketers. From detailed keyword analysis to competitor research, SERanking provides everything you need to elevate your website’s search engine rankings effectively and efficiently.



  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Website Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Backlink Monitoring
  • On-Page SEO Checker
  • Starts from $55/month

Key Features and Pricing

SERanking stands out in the crowded SEO tool landscape with powerful features that enhance any small business’s digital marketing strategy. At its core, SERanking offers extensive keyword tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor your website’s rankings across different search engines and geographical locations. Another key feature is the website audit tool, which examines your site for SEO-related problems that may impact your search result performance.

The backlink monitoring and analysis tools help you understand your site’s backlink profile, an essential factor in SEO. Social media analytics and competitor analysis are also included, providing a holistic view of your and your competitors’ online presence.

Regarding pricing, SERanking provides versatile plans tailored to various needs and budgets, ranging from a basic plan ideal for startups and small websites to more advanced plans designed for larger businesses with greater SEO requirements.

SEranking Pricing
SERanking Pricing

How SERanking Stands Out for Small Businesses

For small businesses exploring the vast realm of SEO, SERanking emerges as a clear and efficient guide. What distinguishes SERanking is its customized approach to the specific challenges that small enterprises encounter. Unlike larger corporations with vast resources, small businesses require SEO tools that are cost-effective and comprehensive enough to handle multiple aspects of SEO without the need for additional software.

SERanking excels in this area by providing an all-in-one platform that includes everything from detailed keyword research and competitor analysis to social media integration and PPC monitoring. This integration gives small business owners a thorough insight into their digital marketing efforts, allowing them to make well-informed choices that promote growth without overburdening their schedules or finances.

Additionally, SERanking’s user-friendly interface and responsive customer support make it accessible for those who may not have a dedicated SEO specialist on staff.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO emerges as a powerful wave in the ocean of SEO tools, perfectly crafted to boost your website’s visibility. What makes Surfer SEO a game-changer for content creators and marketers alike is its innovative Surfer AI technology, which analyzes top-performing pages to suggest the most effective strategies for content optimization.

Additionally, the Surfer SEO extension adds a layer of convenience, integrating directly into your browser to receive real-time SEO insights while you work. This integration means that whether you’re tweaking old content or crafting something new, Surfer SEO ensures you’re always on the crest of optimization techniques, using data-driven insights to improve your search rankings effectively.

Surfer SEO

  • Content Editor
  • SERP Analyzer
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • SEO Audit
  • Content Planner
  • Starts from $59/month

Key Features and Pricing

Surfer SEO distinguishes itself with a robust set of features designed to enhance the SEO strategy of any website. Central to its offerings is the real-time content editor, which provides actionable SEO advice as you type, ensuring that every word counts towards your SEO goals. The tool also boasts a comprehensive keyword research feature that suggests relevant terms. It helps map out keyword strategy with its SERP analyzer, showing exactly what’s working for your competitors.

Moreover, Surfer SEO’s audit feature helps detect and correct potential SEO problems on your pages, proving essential for sustaining optimal website health. Regarding pricing, Surfer SEO is structured to accommodate various needs and budgets, offering basic plans for individuals and smaller projects and more advanced plans that cater to larger businesses and agencies looking for deeper insights and more extensive capabilities.

Surfer AI Pricing
Surfer AI Pricing

Optimizing Content with Surfer SEO

Mastering the art of content optimization is a breeze with Surfer SEO. This tool excels by turning complex SEO data into straightforward, actionable guidance that can elevate the quality of your content with minimal effort. One of the standout features is Surfer’s Content Editor, which essentially serves as a real-time SEO advisor. As you draft your content, it provides instant feedback on keyword density, recommends related terms to include, and suggests structural changes to improve readability and SEO performance.

This proactive assistance helps ensure your content is reader-friendly and finely tuned for search engines. By integrating Surfer SEO into your content creation process, you’re essentially embedding an SEO expert into your workflow, making your content work harder by boosting its visibility and engagement potential.

RankMath WP Plugin

When elevating your WordPress site’s SEO, the RankMath WP Plugin is often hailed as the best SEO WP plugin available today. Its popularity stems from its comprehensive features that cater seamlessly to beginners and SEO veterans. With RankMath, you gain access to an all-encompassing suite of SEO tools that make optimizing your content and technical SEO settings a straightforward task. RankMath ensures every aspect of your site is primed for search engines, from detailed schema generation to advanced sitemap features.



  • Advanced On-Page SEO
  • Schema Markup
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • SEO Analysis Tool
  • AI Content Editor
  • Starts from $3.99/month

Key Features and Pricing

The RankMath WP Plugin excels as a complete WordPress SEO solution, featuring a wide array of essential tools that distinguish it as a top choice. Its straightforward setup wizard makes installation and configuration effortless, guiding users through the essential site optimization steps.

Features like automated image SEO, advanced redirections, and rich snippet support empower site owners to effortlessly enhance their visibility in search engine results. Additionally, RankMath provides detailed analytics integration, allowing users to track their website’s performance directly within the WordPress dashboard.

RankMath offers a versatile pricing approach: its free version packs a powerful punch with ample features for startups and small businesses. In contrast, the premium version provides advanced tools for more extensive SEO strategies, catering to larger enterprises looking to deepen their SEO efforts. This two-tiered strategy guarantees that businesses, regardless of size, can access customized SEO features at a suitable price level.

Rankmath Content AI Pricing
RankMath Content AI Pricing

RankMath vs. Other SEO Plugins

The RankMath WP Plugin emerges as a complete WordPress SEO solution, packed with numerous essential features that set it apart as a top-choice user-friendly setup wizard that simplifies installation and configuration, effortlessly guiding users through the crucial steps to optimize their site. Features like automated image SEO, advanced redirections, and rich snippet support empower site owners to effortlessly enhance their visibility in search engine results.

Additionally, RankMath provides detailed analytics integration, allowing users to track their website’s performance directly within the WordPress dashboard. RankMath offers a versatile pricing approach: its free version packs a powerful punch with ample features for startups and small businesses.

In contrast, the premium version provides advanced tools for more extensive SEO strategies, catering to larger enterprises looking to deepen their SEO efforts. This two-pronged strategy guarantees that businesses of any size can access customized SEO features at a suitable price point.


The All in One SEO (AIOSEO) WP Plugin is a powerhouse for optimizing WordPress websites, providing tools catering to novices and seasoned SEO experts. This plugin streamlines intricate SEO tasks through its intuitive interface and automated features, ensuring your site is optimized for search engines and human visitors. With AIOSEO, you gain access to critical functionalities like XML sitemaps, SEO health checks, and on-page content analysis, which are essential for boosting your site’s search rankings. As we delve deeper, we’ll explore how AIOSEO can transform your WordPress site’s SEO approach, making it more accessible and efficient.

All in One SEO

All-in-One SEO Plugin

  • Smart XML Sitemaps
  • SEO Audit Checklist
  • Social Media Integration
  • Schema Markup
  • Local SEO
  • Starts from $49/year

Key Features and Pricing

AIOSEO WP Plugin is renowned for its comprehensive and intuitive features that dramatically enhance WordPress sites’ SEO efficiency. Its standout features are powerful tools like Smart XML Sitemaps, automated SEO audits, and advanced canonical URLs, which ensure your site meets the latest SEO standards. The plugin also offers a unique TruSEO on-page analysis that provides actionable insights to optimize individual posts and pages.

Social media integration further extends the reach of your content by optimizing it for social sharing. Regarding pricing, AIOSEO is designed to be accessible with a generous free version that covers basic SEO needs. For more advanced features, premium plans are available, which include additional tools like Redirection Manager and support for WooCommerce SEO, making it a versatile choice for businesses aiming to scale their online presence.

All in One SEO Pricing
All in One SE Pricing


Discover the transformative power of Clicks, a dynamic SEO and marketing analytics tool designed to elevate your digital marketing strategy. Clicks specialize in providing deep insights into your website’s traffic and user engagement, allowing you to optimize your marketing efforts effectively. With features tailored to enhance real-time decision-making, Clicks. This helps you understand and react to user behaviors swiftly, ensuring your marketing tactics are as efficient as they are effective. In the upcoming sections, we’ll delve into the key functionalities that set Clicks.so apart, examine its user-friendly dashboard, and discuss how it integrates seamlessly with various digital marketing platforms to maximize your online presence.


  • Traffic Analysis
  • Real-Time Data Reporting
  • A/B Testing
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Starts from $24.99/month

Key Features and Pricing

Clicks.so is designed to give marketers and website owners crucial insights into their digital campaigns, emphasizing user interaction and conversion tracking. Key features of this powerful tool include detailed traffic analysis, real-time data reporting, and advanced segmentation capabilities that allow users to pinpoint effective strategies and areas for improvement.

Additionally, Clicks.so offers robust A/B testing tools to help optimize both content and user pathways for maximum engagement. For pricing, Clicks.so adopts a tiered structure to cater to different needs and budgets. The basic plan offers essential analytics suitable for new startups or small businesses, while premium options include more advanced features like in-depth behavioral analysis and custom integrations for larger enterprises or agencies looking for detailed insights and scalable solutions.

Clicks.so pricing
Clicks.so Pricing

Summary – Best SEO Tools for Small Businesses

Navigating the SEO landscape can be daunting for small businesses, but optimizing your online presence becomes manageable and effective with the right tools. SERanking offers a comprehensive suite that covers everything from keyword tracking to competitive analysis, ideal for those who need an all-in-one solution.

Surfer SEO enhances content creation by providing real-time feedback, ensuring that your articles meet SEO standards before they go live. For WordPress users, RankMath and AIOSEO are invaluable plugins that simplify complex SEO tasks through user-friendly interfaces and robust feature sets. RankMath is noted for its detailed guidance during setup and extensive support for on-page SEO, while AIOSEO emphasizes ease of use with automated features for SEO audits and social media integration.

Mastering SEO

Lastly, Clicks.so provides detailed analytics and real-time data for businesses aiming to refine their marketing strategies based on user behavior and traffic analysis.

Each of these tools has unique strengths, making them suitable for different aspects of SEO management and various business sizes. Whether you’re a startup aiming to gain a strong market presence or an expanding business looking to enhance your online visibility, these tools provide customized solutions to help you effectively meet your digital marketing objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SERanking best used for in a small business setting?

SERanking is best used to track keyword rankings, perform website audits, and analyze competitors. It helps small businesses optimize their online presence effectively.

How does Surfer SEO improve content creation?

Surfer SEO provides real-time guidance on keyword usage, structure, and content quality, making it easier for content creators to optimize posts for better search engine rankings.

Can RankMath WP Plugin help with SEO for websites other than WordPress?

No, RankMath is specifically designed as a plugin for WordPress websites and is unsuitable for other website platforms.

What makes AIOSEO WP Plugin different from other SEO plugins?

AIOSEO stands out for its comprehensive set of SEO tools, which are user-friendly and highly effective, especially for beginners. These tools include features like automated SEO audits and social media integration.

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