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How English Language helped me getting long-term Clients?

by Noshad Ali

Do you know how important English is when it comes to Freelancing? I am going to share my personal experience with the importance of English in Freelancing.

I have been able to secure 4 highly potential clients with the ability of speaking English.

Dr. Steffi from Germany

I got to know Dr. Steffi from Fiverr. We had a brief chat and scheduled a Skype meeting. We had a 15 minutes Skype chat where we didn’t talk about the project she was going to hand over to me. She was checking my English speaking ability because she faced a lot of trouble in communicating with the last freelancer she worked with.

I had a business of more than $1000 with her and she is still my happy client.

Betsy Cruz from the United States

I met Betsy on Fiverr for the first time. She and Amanda conducted an itnerview with me. The interview went 15 minutes long and they loved me because I talked to them about different stuff about their business and some fun talks.

They told me that they conducted an interview from another girl before me who kept saying YES and NO for all of their question. It doesn’t work this way. They liked my communication and this is the most important thing when you are working online because you are not going to meet your client in real.

Jean Luc from Switzerland

I met Jean Luc on Fiverr too. He is a music teacher and loves working with me and appreciates my communication


The conclusion of this post is to tell you the importance of English and effective communication. You will land on high paying jobs and secure them for long term only with your good communication style.

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