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Getting Started with Upwork

by Noshad Ali

We have discussed Upwork and other freelancing platforms in our previous posts. This article will be specific about Upwork and getting started with it.

The simple two steps are creating an account on Upwork and build your profile. Initially, Upwork does not approve new Freelancer’s account unless they have a unique skill or extraordinary experience. You have to modify your profile and keep trying until it gets approved.

Profile Building

Profile building is the process of updating your profile with your information. It starts with a profile picture. It is highly recommended to upload a headshot of yourself with a smile.

Then comes your Professional Summary. Upwork gives you the feature of set specific profiles for specific skillsets. For example, if you are a Web Developer and an SEO Expert at the same time, you can create specialized profiles for both skills separately.

You have to fill every section of your profile with the latest information about yourself. And you are good to go with your profile.

Job Searching on Upwork

From September 2019, Upwork has made changes to its policies. It is charging freelancers to purchase Connects. Connects help you in applying for jobs. You either have to get a Plus Membership which gives you 70 connects a month which will cost you $14.99/month or purchase connects manually.

Upwork Membership

Or you can manually purchase connects in the following rates:

  1. 10 Connects for $1.50
  2. 20 Connects for $3
  3. 40 Connects for $6
  4. 60 Connects for $9
  5. 80 Connects for $12

For each job you apply, it will charge you 2, 4, or 6 connects. Previously, Upwork used to give 60 connects/month to every Freelancer.


Payment is always the last step. You get the money in your profile first. Upwork has several payment options PayPal being a part of it. Since Paypal does not operate in some countries like Pakistan, it has some more payment options. The local bank transfer is the easiest followed by Payoneer. They deduct a minor transaction fee and transfer the amount to your desired bank account.

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