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WorkChest – New Freelancing Platform for Pakistani Freelancers

by Noshad Ali

Hisham Sarwar doesn’t need any introduction when we talk about Freelancing and Entrepreneurship. He has been an idol for Pakistani Entrepreneurs and Freelancers for a long time. He has spent more than 20 years in the industry and supports and motivates people through his blog Beingguru.

Looking at the beginners in Pakistan, Hisham Sarwar decided to create a platform to connect the emerging and skilled freelancers of Pakistan to potentials clients through a web portal called Workchest. This will create working opportunities for the freelancers as well as provide them the opportunity to understand client dealing and improve their Business Development Skills.

The web portal works almost the same way as other well-known sites like Upwork, and Fiverr having one unique feature for sharing status in the form of text, picture, or a video. You can follow statuses from others and comment on them.

The very first step is to create an effective profile on Work Chest. You can refer to the article Tips on creating profiles on Freelancing Platforms to know further about creating effective profiles.

Offering services is similar to Fiverr. As you create gigs on Fiverr, you have to add your services to Workchest with some information about your service and a picture. Employers will come after you by typing the service name in the search box.

You can also search for projects and bid on them. You have to clear the bidding test first before you start bidding. You have to read the project descriptions carefully and create your proposal accordingly. You will receive a message in your inbox if employers want to discuss the project with you

Home Page – Work Chest

The home page of Work Chest looks like this. From the top left starting from the Menu and giving up updates on the happenings around. The center part shows the updates from people and giving you options to comment on them.

Explore the website more from https://workchest.com

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