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Top 6 Freelancing Websites in Pakistan in 2022

by Noshad Ali

Freelancing websites allow people to work remotely for companies and people requiring specific skill sets. People with different skills use these sites to earn money by selling their services. Several sites offer freelancing online job opportunities if you’re looking for a place to sell your services online. This article will discuss the top 10 freelancing websites in Pakistan.


Fiverr is a non-traditional freelancing platform and is considered the best freelancing website for beginners in Pakistan. The best thing about these sites is that they allow you to set your price. You can choose what kind of work you want (e.g., writing, graphic design, programming) and then decide how much you want to charge per project. Some people use them to earn extra cash, while others make it their full-time career.

Fiverr provides freelancing jobs for students who want to create extra income with their studies. They grow their skill sets and offer them on Fiverr to make money online. You have to create gigs on fiverr to showcase your services.

As the name indicates, the services on Fiverr start at $5. However, you can sell short services for as low as $5 and go to $1000 or even more. Fiverr charges 20% of the total budget as their service charges.


Freelancer.com is one of the largest freelancing platforms worldwide. It has more than 1 million users. It offers an easy-to-use interface with various tools to help you find clients and manage projects.
The site allows you to create profiles, upload samples of work, and set rates. You can then search for jobs based on your skills and location. Once you’ve found a job that fits your skill set, you can apply directly from the website. Then, if your client accepts your proposal, you can negotiate payment terms and start working.


Upwork is considered the largest freelancing platform in the world, and Pakistani freelancers have made it the best freelancing website in Pakistan. Many people use Upwork for extra income, and many freelancers have made it their full-time career. Upwork charges you 20% as service charges until your transaction goes above $500 with one client. After that, upwork reduces their service charges to 10% and goes to 5% when you work for more than $10,000 for one client.


Guru is one of the largest freelancing websites in Pakistan. It has been operating since 2010 and offers more than 1 million monthly jobs. In addition, you can find freelance writing, graphic design, web development, translation, and other services.
The website is free to use and allows users to post job listings. Jobs are posted daily, and there are many different categories available. The most popular include content creation, copywriting, social media marketing, SEO, and technical support.

Girl working on a project that she got from a freelancing website
Work from Anywhere

Work Chest

Work Chest is a new freelancing platform for Pakistani Freelancers. Hisham Sarwar, the Freelancing influencer and founder of Beingguru, has felt the need and created a platform for only Pakistani Freelancers that allows them to connect with clients from all over the world.


People Per Hour is another freelancing website in Pakistan where freelancers of different skill sets make a good amount of money. You can find freelance websites in Pakistan at various price points. However, if you are looking for a freelancing website per task, you should try Peopleperhour.com. This site offers a wide range of services, such as writing, editing, translation, data entry, graphic design, web development, etc. It also has many clients who need help with various projects.


These are the top freelancing websites in Pakistan. The best thing about this website is that it allows you to work from home or any part of the world. Many people want to earn extra income online. However, most work for big companies because they get paid well. On the other hand, if you are willing to work for less money, you can still use freelancing websites. Freelancing sites allow you to offer your skills and expertise to clients.

Freelance work has become increasingly popular in recent years. The rise of the internet has led to a boom in freelance jobs, which means there are now plenty of opportunities for anyone who wants to get started. But first, you must find the right platform, build your profile and portfolio, and start hitting the market.

Pro Tip: You must learn a skill and master it, and have good communication skills in English because it is the only language that lets you communicate with your client and understand his requirements.

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