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Creating Gigs on Fiverr [Step by Step Guide]

by Noshad Ali

Many of the new and existing Freelancers are struggling to get orders on Fiverr. Fiverr is a very well-known and commonly used platform by Freelancers from all over the world who offer a wide range of services. The number of Freelancers on Fiverr is increasing and the competition is increasing with the passage of time resulting in hard struggles for newbies. Creating gigs on Fiverr has always been a challenging part of Fiverr Freelancing, that’s why this article will help you creating SEO-optimized gigs for the Fiverr search engine.

How Fiverr Works?

Fiverr is a non-traditional Freelancing platform that works slightly differently than the traditional Freelancing Platforms. You don’t have to hunt for jobs but jobs hunt for you. You have to create gigs and include a detailed description of your service and buyers will come searching for you.

Now the question is How do buyers find your gig in between a lot of people who are offering the same services as you are. A few rules fall in Fiverr SEO that helps you rank your gigs in the search results. Fiverr works like a search engine.

Fiverr offers a level system to the sellers on the basis of their performance. These levels give specific badges to specific sellers that make their profiles more reliable for the buyers.

Guide to Create Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr gigs consist of 6 components: the Gig title, pricing section, description, requirements, and gig image. You have to create an optimized gig in order to get it ranked on Fiverr search results and grab some buyers.

Freelancers are called Sellers and clients are called Buyers on Fiverr.

Step 1: Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis is the foundation of your gig. You have to research and study gigs of relevant people who are offering the same services as you. This will make it easier for you to plan your gig strategy. This is the very first step that acts as a foundation of your gig.

Competitor analysis helps you understand that what kind of gigs are converting more in the Fiverr marketplace. You can get understanding from other gigs but NEVER copy other’s gig because it may result in a permanent banning of your account.

Step 2: Keyword Research

As mentioned earlier, Fiverr is a search engine and keywords play a very important role in ranking your gig higher on Fiverr search results. Competitor analysis will also show you the statistics on certain keywords. Analyze their competition and create your keyword set to use in your gig.

Make an excel sheet of the keywords with the number of gigs available. This will help you analyze the competition on certain keywords.

Step 3: Creating Gigs on Fiverr


Your title should be a catchy line because it is the first thing that a user checks when he is on the search results page. A catchy title will help you get the buyer’s attraction that can end up in a successful project. The selected keywords should be used in the title.

The title section also includes the Metadata section where Fiverr gives you a few options regarding your gig and search tags.


The pricing section gives you an option to either offer single pricing for your service or creates packages based on the service. The short description area is considered good if the keyword is inculcated into it and helps the Fiverr algorithm to rank it.

You can also set your gig extras for additional cost.


This text field is associated for your gig detail and FAQs. You have to describe your service and use the keyword that you have been using in the previous steps. It is considered good to use the keyword in the first four lines of your gig description.

Using bullet points and formatting it in a good way helps the buyer to understand your gig well instead of writing your description in full paragraph form.

The FAQs section is to help the buyers to get answers for commonly asked questions. You can also include the keyword that you have selected in the FAQs section.


This section helps the seller in getting the requirements from your buyer. You can ask for the requirement in the form of a question and let the buyer reply in the form of Free text, Multiple Choice answers, or upload an attachment.

Use of keyword in this section is also a good practice.

Gig gallery

Gig image is the first thing that a buyer sees when he is searching on Fiverr. Your gig image should be clear and describe your service in pictorial form. You can also include your image in the gig image.

Image SEO needs to be done too when you are ranking your gig. You can use Canva to design your gig titles. It is the best tool to design Fiverr gig images, social media banners, and a lot of other stuff. You have to use the keyword in the gig image name. This is called the Image SEO which also contributes to the high ranking of your Fiverr gig.

Step 4: Other Techniques to Get Orders on Fiverr

There are other techniques as well which help you rank your gig higher.

You have to stay online most of the time. Buyers like to get instant replies that’s why they use a filter of “Online Sellers”. If you are online, your gig will be ranked higher that increases your chances of getting orders. Download the Fiverr app on your smartphone to get instant messages from your buyers.

There is another section on Fiverr known as “Buyer Requests”. Many buyers post their requirements in the form of requests and sellers have to send them offers. You can send 10 offers a day. You can offer extra perks to the buyers in order to attract them to your gig.

There is a tool known as Fivlytics. It helps in searching keywords and their competition on Fiverr. It also tells you if your gig is ranked on Fiverr.


These steps and techniques have worked out for a lot of sellers. You will surely start getting orders on Fiverr if you follow these techniques. Happy Earning!

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Ghazanfar Hussain May 20, 2021 - 5:35 am

Thanks noshad bro, for doing a great job, this is very fruitful for me, regrading to improve my gig. Have best wishes to you.

Noshad Ali May 20, 2021 - 6:39 pm

I am happy that it helped you. Good luck Ghazanfar


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