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Payment Methods for Pakistani Freelancers

by Noshad Ali

Pakistani Freelancers have been facing problems in getting online payments for a long time. Pakistan being in the grey list of FATF, PayPal does not work in Pakistan which is the easiest way of global payment transactions. But, there are several other payment methods for Pakistani Freelancers.

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Payoneer is a global payment platform supported by well-known freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. These platforms deduct a sum of $2, as their transaction fee.

Payoneer gives you a user dashboard where you can manage and see every information about your Payoneer account. You can transfer the amount from Payoneer to your local bank account.

Payoneer gives you a debit card that can be used in Standard Chartered Bank to withdraw money, but it charges Rs. 500/- as the ATM transaction fees.

You can create an account on Payoneer by following by clicking here

Direct Bank Transfer

Freelancing platforms like Upwork and Freelancer.com have the option to transfer payments direct into local bank accounts. The exchange rate becomes slightly different than the State Bank rate.

Upwork charges $0.99 as the transaction fees.


Skrill is another payment method that is supported by Freelancer.com. It gives you a user dashboard to manage your transactions. It has the option to transfer the amount to your local bank.

You can create an account on Skrill by clicking here


If you need further information you can ask questions in the comments. We will guide you accordingly.

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