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7 Reasons Why Google Is the Search Engine of Choice

by Rahima Jan

When we, or most firms, talk about search, we usually mean Google. People frequently question as to why this is the case, therefore we decided to create a blog explaining why Google is the search engine of choice for both customers and agencies.

First, consider why people use Google… I decided to divide this blog into key parts because this is a really large topic to say the least!


Google is typically faster than the other search engines at returning results. It can provide millions of results in 0.19 seconds. This is due to their stronger technological infrastructure over the other engines. Google had suffered a fire at one of their server warehouses, and while it destroyed everything hardware-wise, their service was unaffected.

Search Suggestions

When you start typing a question into the Google search field, you may notice that the search engine provides many recommendations for how to finish your search. For example, if you search for ‘content writing,’ you may get results such as ‘content writing jobs’ or ‘content writing advice.’ These are the items that Google users frequently look for, thus search recommendations provide a glimpse into the thoughts of your potential clients.

Related Searches

When you do a Google search, you may see similar searches at the bottom of the page. This tells you of the normal train of thought of someone Googling for what you are selling, as well as what Google believes people will seek for next in their browsing. If you click on the linked searches that appear relevant, you will be able to discover more and more results, giving you a solid sense of the kind of search keywords and user behaviors that will drive visitors to your site.

Platform and Tools

There is no comparison when it comes to the advertising sections of these engines (Google Ads/Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads)). Google is years ahead of the competition. Google allows you to set up anything in minutes, whereas the other platforms require hours or days. Google also gives a nice toolkit for you to employ, which includes, to mention a few, Analytics and Webmaster Tools. They clearly do not provide you specifics and leave it up to us to figure out how to adjust things properly!

Top-Ranking Content

Examining the top-ranking material is perhaps the simplest approach to determine what is popular and connecting with searchers. Companies and people compete to have their content appear at the top of search engine results pages since these are the locations where searchers are most likely to click. The more people who click on a Google or other search engine link, the higher it ranks until it reaches the top. At some point, it becomes a self-fulfilling activity, since the higher it rises in the rankings, the more likely it is to be clicked.

However, you should pay close attention to high ranked material for your themes and keywords of interest. Examine the headlines, the link structure, and the writing excerpt beneath the main result. That is where you will learn which keywords and sub-topics are most often discovered in search engine results, as well as which text styles and tones are most appealing.

Fresh content

Sometimes all you need is a new, fresh perspective. Google allows you to restrict search results to the best material from the previous month or year. It’s a quick method to check what’s popular in your area of interest, or what new approaches others are experimenting with. Yes, evergreen material has value, but if you can harness something new to complement your old, great content, you may be able to attract new viewers who are interested in your new approach.

Other Search Tab

Google is a powerful search engine that provides far more than the typical online search bar. When you do a search, have a peek at the various search tabs that appear. You may narrow down your search to news, books, pictures, videos, and other specialized material. This might help you come up with unique ideas that you would not have thought of if you only looked at the main search engine results page. People who create material for news, novels, and other media may adopt a different method, and the top ranking results come from those who have devised a successful technique. If you can use something from there to your research and content marketing, that’s even better.

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