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First few steps towards freedom

by Shazia Sultana

What is the definition of freedom for you? What it is like to feel free? To feel alive? Like, you are doing something you love and are satisfied with it?! Is it the same for everyone? Or what it takes these days to be free? Because if we look around us or reflect on our daily life for a minute, we realize, that we are attached or bound to one thing or another.

Then comes the next question, how can we achieve freedom? Is it even possible? Well, folks, it’s good news, everything is POSSIBLE. We are living in a Global Village, which is so vast and welcoming that, any idea, any desire, can be fulfilled. We only need to take a few essential initial steps. These are five steps you can take towards the recovery of your freedom.

  1. What you actually want?
  2. Critically analyze yourself.
  3. Sketch a path towards your destination.
  4. Concur the demons.
  5. Give your best.

What you actually want?

Many of us don’t even know, what we want to do with our lives. We keep on switching from one thing to another or compromise with something we are not satisfied with. So, it’s essential to know, what we want. However, what we want and the reality of the situation sometimes is quite contradicting. Having a realistic approach to our wants and needs is the key first step.

Critically analyze yourself for Freedom

 Critically analyzing oneself means, listing the strengths and the weaknesses present in ourselves, which are complementary and hinder what we want. It will help you to know where you stand at the moment and what next step you need to take. It’s a continuous process of analyzing, evaluating, learning, and planning. Every step is programmed in a way that will help you to take a better decision.

Sketch a path towards your destination

To reach a particular place we need specific directions if we haven’t been to that place before. Likewise, if we want to achieve a goal, we need to know which path we need to follow. Just like an artist draw and outline before making a drawing, we need to sketch our path, planning the required steps, so we will have a clear path ahead of us to follow.

Concur the demons

If you have followed the above steps, it means you know, what you want, you know where you stand, and which path to follow. However, another question arises, are you confident enough in yourself that you are going to achieve it? Or you have underlying doubts that you won’t be able to do it? Or do you fear that you will fail halfway? Or you are confident but the people around you discourage you? Do they think that you are just wasting your time? Despite all the internal and external voices, feeding your fear, you have to believe in yourself, that you are going to do it.

Give your best

Whatever happened yesterday is already history and whatever will happen tomorrow is blank, with various possibilities. What you have is NOW, just this moment, present. Think, what can you do this moment, that will change the course of tomorrow? It’s today’s choices that build our future. So, the only thing we can do now gives our best. The probability of achieving our goal will be higher.

To sum it all, if we want to achieve self-satisfaction and recover our freedom, we have to know, there are endless possibilities out there. What we need to do is follow a few essential first steps to begin our journey towards freedom. Everyone’s voyage is different, everyone’s wants and needs are different, however, everyone wants freedom in one way or another. I hope you know that everything is possible.

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