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The secret of getting ahead is getting started

by Saira Munsif

What triggers our motivation?

We often hear how important it is to be motivated to achieve what you set out to do. Furthermore, in times of crisis, it seems that it takes a double dose of motivation to reach such a precious place.
Before discussing its importance at work, let’s learn what’s the motivation is?

Motivation is an internal state that activates, directs, and maintains a person’s behavior toward specific goals or ends. It is the impulse that moves the person to carry out certain actions and persist in them for its culmination. Motivation is what gives energy and direction to behavior; it is the cause of the behavior.

Motivation is a process that goes through several phases. Initially, the person anticipates that he will feel good (or will stop feeling bad) if he achieves a goal. In a second time, it is activated and begins to do things to achieve that goal. As you walk towards it, you will evaluate whether you are on the right track or not, that is, you will make performance feedback. And finally, you will enjoy the results.

Motivation to Work

Work motivation is a factor that must be part of the daily routine among employees. When carrying out a job it is a qualitative change, but also a way to maintain a pleasant and proactive environment.
For me, the routine is somewhat exhausting and that’s why I constantly try to avoid it. Work represents one of those routines, but if I don’t work, I won’t be able to bring a plate of food to my table.
When you don’t enjoy your job, it’s really hard to find even just a pinch of motivation to get up every day and go to your job.

When you think of motivational speakers, you might think of self-help gurus who tell you how to channel your inner child or how to visualize your path to success. However, motivational speakers can offer presentations and speeches on any topic. What will count will be your passion for the topic you address. Become a motivational speaker by developing your message, brushing up on your public speaking skills, and promoting your speaking skills.

You have to learn to motivate yourself in the difficult or overwhelming moments that every reinvention process involves.

Motivational speech, the one that turns a mere talk into an inspiring story, is the type of speech that any speaker aspires to when standing in front of dozens of people. It is, without a doubt, the most complicated and the one that requires a higher level of public speaking. But you should not be obsessed with reaching this level because it is not always the most appropriate. Before launching into the elaboration of a speech, one must assess the type of audience and the objectives to be achieved.

Are you looking for motivation to reach your goals, or are you allowing inspiration to use you?

Although Motivation and Inspiration are often used as synonyms, there is a big difference between these two emotional and conscious states. And you can know who is in charge of your decisions and your projects, by the way you feel.

Many of us learned the paradigm of motivation. Education was encouraging us to achieve our goals to obtain an external reward or to avoid a negative consequence, something that we are afraid will happen.

This is the basic paradigm of motivation, which you can see working in your personal life, when you look for work, for fear of not having money or poverty, you look for a partner for fear of the experience of loneliness, you seek to succeed to hide a feeling of inferiority.

And you can see it in the life of the company when it is only motivated with external incentives to workers to avoid sales failure, to produce faster or to keep them within the company.

However, if you look at the happiest and most successful people, it is not just external motivation, but the internal inspiration that drives them.

There is an idea, an inner vision that drives you to take action, to develop your abilities, to exercise your gifts, to accept challenges, and to bring your most important goals from the invisible to the visible. They don’t need to “stay motivated”, for this vision that inspires them comes with the energy to do what needs to be done.

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