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How I became a Freelancer? – Noshad Ali

by Noshad Ali

My Name is Noshad Ali. I am the administrator of the blog that you are reading right now? I am sometimes a part-time and sometimes a full-time Freelancer from the last three years. What I feel proud of is during my university period, I can work and bear my expenses on my own.

In this post, I will share my story about how I became a Freelancer

Early Life

I was born in Chitral back in 1995. I am a 20th-century production. I did my early schooling in Chitral until grade 6. I was taken to Karachi for grade 7. And then after one year, I was taken back to Chitral. After completing grade 10, I moved to Islamabad and living here since then.

I was fond of computers since my childhood. I had internet at my house when I was in grade 3. I was fond of mostly outdated computer games. The last edition of the FIFA Football Game I played was FIFA 98. I used the internet with a connection of 128 kbps. My father created the first email address for me on Yahoo. Gmail was on-trend. I created an account on Orkut, a social networking community of that time.

How I became a Freelancer

After going back to Chitral from Karachi, I had a firm knowledge of the Internet and things going on over the Internet. I also knew people are earning money on the Internet. Since I didn’t have a good Internet connection at home, I couldn’t get a chance to explore it more. But Yeah, I used Facebook on a 2G Internet connection on a Symbian phone.

After migrating to Islamabad in 2014 I explored it to the maximum. I got all the information but still, I needed a push. I created my accounts on a few Freelancing platforms but couldn’t start because of a lack of skills. On and Off, I tried different things but couldn’t get a good result.

In 2016, a community organization called off one-month digital skills and freelancing workshop. I was called for the Interview and got selected as a participant. I attended the workshop where I met such inspirational and nice people who helped me get along. I got my first job on a Freelancing platform Truelancer. I got an Indian client and worked on a Data Entry project. I was so happy to earn it for the first time. And then gradually, I started exploring other platforms and got very good results based on the lessons I learned in the workshop.

I struggled for more than 4 years to get into Freelancing, and it has been more than 3 years I am working online as a Freelancer, Freelancing Trainer, and started Blogging. I am still exploring more ways to earn money online and teach them around to make people familiar with the tips and tricks.

I am still a student of a Bachelor’s degree and I pay my bills, educational expenses, and even contribute to the family. If I can do it, you can do it too.

Effective Use of the Internet

You are one of the lucky people in the world if you have Internet access. Most of the people stream Social Media on the Internet for fun. But they are not aware of the ways they can earn money by doing the same as they are doing for fun.

The Internet is a huge repository of resources. You can learn and earn from it. It depends on you that how you can make it effective for you.

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