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Staying Hopeful in the Hour of Chaos

by Rabeeya Hashmi

Hope is an essential element required for human existence. It may sound frivolous, but its strength is more powerful than the force of positivism. A higher degree of tremendous hope and unlimited trust leads to a vigorous level of faith.

What is Hope?

Hope emerges as a result of fear, and fear is born as a result of chaos. Whenever there is darkness, the importance of light comes into existence with a strong message. Similarly, in a state of turmoil when everybody around is scared of the deadly Covid-19 by hearing the depressing stats of its victims daily, one tends to lose Motivation in life.

Whatever the circumstances are, you must always keep your faith secure, and the hope keeps on sprouting from your heart leads you to a better level of inspiration in your life.

Training your Mind to be Positive

Reading daily Positive Quotes can train your mind to think right in adverse situations and reprogramme it to function with optimism rather than pessimism—lack of Motivation results in lethargy and depression, which are killing for your mental health.

Your mental health gets affected in the quarantine if you don’t train your mind to be positive all the time. You need to keep a meticulous eye on your thoughts and self-talk.

Staying hopeful must become your new habit as it keeps you energized with the enthusiasm and zest required to face the challenges of your life. A morally and emotionally weak person cannot meet the challenges face-to-face and is more prone to diseases as the immunity deteriorates.

But a passionately hopeful individual is always ready to face more tests of life. So, in the pandemic of Covid-19, you can expect yourself to lose Motivation, but it should not stop you from hoping for the best in the future. The time has a high quality of the constant transition, and it can highlight in a manner that if happy times do not stay forever, so do the bad times.

Thinking about this aspect of time fills you with anticipation of good things to happen in your life. Once you start anticipating, you attract more goodness in the Universe. Your mindset and thoughts resonate with the blessings of the Universe, and you get what you expect from your God. So based on this, keeping a positive mindset with a very hopeful attitude is a must.

Also, you can know the dark side of your situation but do believe in a positive outcome. Belief is your internal wiring of mind, and the belief system is what programs your life. So keeping a strong faith and a stubborn, persistent attitude can help you fight with the situation of global chaos due to Covid-19.

The Conclusive Notion

Hence, you need to be full of hope, and only then you can fight the battle of your survival excellently. It will keep your nervous system Motivated and activated as well as boosting your immune system. Do not let yourself absorb into the dark valley of fear and come out as a warrior instead.

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Nayyab Farooq May 23, 2020 - 1:20 am

It’s a perch of Hopeful words which is giving a room for not only betterment but also a move to get see the good insights of this Covaid 19. Simple & on point. RABEEYA.


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