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4 Reasons Why Procrastination is Bad

by Raskhshinda Shakir

You will always be the last person to finish your task

Let me put procrastination definition in an example for you. If you are a person who likes to put today’s work until tomorrow, the very first impression people get of you is ” lazy”. Ah! You don’t want this label. Do you? If you are lazy, I am sure you have piles of workload on you. For example, a school assignment. Imagine you are taking 5 courses and you hardly finish work on time. If two assignments for every course are due and you have not done the previous one already, damn!! you are in big trouble. You know what! being always the last person to hand in an assignment is troublesome. so, if you are the last person to finish your task know that you are a procrastinator.  If you are a student, take my free advice “you should not procrastinate” and be the person to hand in an assignment on time. It saves your time, energy, and gives you the motivation to work on time for the rest of your life. 

If you procrastinate you don’t catch up with the world

The world is already moving steadily fast. For example, technological advancement, learning new skills, aiming to be independent, earning yourself a living! They all need one skill; that is finishing tasks on time. Procrastination can only do you harm. If you keep putting everyday work in the coming days and then finally you realize what precious time you have lost without being productive and learning anything of benefit. This era demands an active routine. The choice is yours. You can lag behind, be friends with procrastination and anxiety, catch up with miseries or work on time, and manage a good living.

You won’t get a good company of friends if you are not active

There is a nice phrase which says, ” A friend is known by the company he keeps” So if you are a procrastinator your friends must be so.  Active people, who finish tasks on time, who are eager to learn do not sit with those who only seek time to escape from daily activities. Apart from doing you harm, procrastination can also get you friends who are good at procrastinating only. Making friends and being in a good company is today’s compulsion and need. One can not run from the fact that a friend in need is a friend indeed. So, if you are a student who whines about every school assignment and so does your company of friends, oh man! you are screwed. I tell you again, finish everyday tasks and be in quick pace with the world or else you are left to suffer, at least materialistically.

You will hurt yourself due to procrastination and anxiety it brings along

At the end of the day when we know, we have not accomplished much and the rest of the people around us have, trust me that hits deep down the heart. We live in such a world where achievements are a big deal and everyone in the community, your family, and in the neighborhood are keenly looking towards your desired results. Procrastination can seriously get you in trouble and you lose hope and faith in yourself. It is not that you are not capable of reaching your goals, but if you don’t learn to kill being lazy, this habit will take you nowhere but, hopelessness. Therefore, take my advice seriously and every other day, try to learn something. Maybe a new skill, or learn ways to catch up with your assignments.

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