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7 Best Freelance Design Websites to Make Money Online as A Designer

by Zarka Noor

Are you a designer? Want to make money? Looking for a for a worthy site?

Being a freelancer, you can enjoy plenty of opportunities, you can work from home, enjoying your comfort zone by making up your own rules and spending a lot more time with your love ones. However, doing an unstable job makes you feel like you will be living a nomad’s life, wandering from one project to another, continually, keeping watch for another employer. Well, there is a huge number of sites where you can get the opportunities, you’re looking for, so don’t despair.  We have compiled a list of the 7 best freelance design websites out there, to improve and increase your freelancing opportunities.

We’ll feature every stage of platform extraordinarily, they can vary from the quantity to variety of jobs accessible for the designers, the rate at which new opportunities are presented, and for sure, one of the most fundamental factors, how persevering they are with regards to paying for your skills.

The Top 7 Freelance Design Websites for the Freelancers to Earn Money Online


Upwork (also known as Elance oDesk) is one of the most well know platforms in the world. A world with thousands of designing jobs posted every day. Upwork has a bit of an expectation to learn and adapt when you initially get going. You need to become familiar with the creativity to composing a viable proposition, and you might need to offer beneath your compensation rate to develop your input rating. Many freelance jobs are posted on Upwork, yet there’s a ravenous crowd seeking them. Except if you’re an Upwork hotshot, offering on a task that as of now has 30 recommendations typically isn’t great.

Upwork can merit the time, whenever you have laid down a good foundation of yourself on the platform it offers you the great, it offers the potential for incredible returns.

How you can find work?

Upwork gives you different options for finding a job.

Find new opportunities

You can search on Talent Marketplace for hourly or fixed-price work. Then submit your proposal, set your rate, and show how great you can perform. Offer some extra by sharing your remarkable methodology and offering an affinity-building interview.

Let the work find its way to you

If your work stands out. If your skills are in demand. If you’re in development, design, or marketing, you can apply to the fast lane. The clients will assess your incomprehensible experience and match you to exclusive opportunities.

Sell Your expertise

Create reachable projects with Project Catalog. Then match them with the client’s needs. Make it clear right away by specifying your terms, cost, timing, and scope. Once the Upwork has approved your project, clients can start to buy.

Withdrawal Methods

After completing your project with a client, you will receive your earnings to Upwork account and Upwork giving three options

  • You can Invoice clients and track your money by a simple and streamlined process on Upwork.
  • The client only pays to Upwork escrow and after reviewing funds Upwork release them.
  • you can choose how to withdrawal your earnings which includes, direct transfer, PayPal, payoneer and more.


Fiver is a famous platform used by freelancers to find different freelance jobs including, graphic and web designing. Fiver offers you a user-friendly interface and a plethora of visual design categories, here on Fiver, you have everything that you need. From a business card design to a website design job. Fiver offers you a vast variety and you can start selling your services from 5$. Here on Fiver, you can offer anything you can think of.

How it works?

·      Creation of the Gig

Firstly, register yourself on fiver, create an effective gig and offer your services to global clients.

·      Delivering great work

When you are done with your project deliver it to the client.

·      Get paid

Once the client is satisfied, he will release your money.

Payment Receiving Method

Once you complete a buyer’s order, the money is transferred to your account. No need to chase clients for payments and wait 60 or 90 days for a check.


Freelancer.com is a powerful freelance site founded in 2009, connects 54,872,691 freelancers and employers from over 247 countries. Freelancer encompasses broad facets of design work, from graphic and logo design to website design. There’s a massive number of people who believe Freelancer is among the best freelancing websites for finding new designing jobs. If you are searching for a flex job, remote work, or any other kind of post then freelancer.com has a plethora of potential clients. A freelancer.com is a good option for an online workspace for those who want to work online and get their feet wet in freelance marketplaces. It is considered one of the best Freelance Design Websites.

How to get started?

  • Create a complete profile.
  • Find a suitable job.
  • Write your best bid
  • Complete the project and earn.

 Payment Receiving method

The client will pay in over 39 currencies through the Milestone Payments system. The payments are released only when the client is satisfied with your work.

99designs – One of the most specific Freelance Design Websites

99designs is a great platform by Vistaprint for the freelancers who are searching to offer their design services. Each and every two seconds, 99designs creates a new design for one of its clients, and it offers freelance jobs in more than 90 categories. There’s a good chance that it will cater to your field of expertise whether you’re a specialist in logo design, website design, book cover design, or anything else.

How it works?

Designs your imagination, and get paid for it on 99designs. All you need on this website is to upload your designs and the clients will buy them. 99designs also let the clients to conduct contests where they can select the freelancer with the best logo entry.

How you’ll receive your payment?

99designs keeps the payment simple by obtaining full payment from the client in advance and will release the funds to you once the project is completed.


Guru.com is a platform where employer and freelancers work together. It was established in 1998 since that, Guru is paying its services in different parts of the world.  They value trust and transparency on their freelance marketplace, ensuring that expectations are being met regardless of your role. Guru is a reputable source to go to if you are searching for a new freelance design work because there is nothing dubious here.

How it works?

  • Register yourself and build up your profile
  • Look for a suitable job
  • Manage your work
  • Get paid


Withdrawals and Payments

Your earnings are reflected in the Guru Cash Account’s Payments tab and you need to select a transfer method for the withdrawal of funds.

You can use any of the following:

  • U.S. Bank Account
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Wire Transfer


PeoplePerHour is a UK-based company started in 2007 with all the designing jobs you’re searching for.

How it works?

  • Create a profile
  • Search for jobs
  • Send proposals and make a short video promoting your services.
  • Provide a quality service and get rated.

Withdrawal Methods

When you are done with your work. The client will authorize the payment funds, your money is protected in escrow account then they are moved to your PeoplePerHour account.


Toptal known as a high-skilled marketplace, markets itself as a platform to find the top 3% of freelance talent. Their selection method is so stringent that only a few of the thousands of submissions they receive each month are accepted into their ranks. This uniqueness distinguishes them from many of the freelance websites available. It may appear challenging to join, but if you do, you will have the opportunity to present yourself to some fairly big names. Motorola Airbnb, and Shopify, are just a few of the companies who have used Toptal to find designers.


Mentioned above are one of the best freelance design websites. Use one of the platforms we listed here and you will easily find your dream job. Aim high and refine your creative abilities with these internet platforms.

Now, we would love to hear from you.

  • What are your freelance design websites?
  • Were we able to pique your curiosity in working as a freelance designer?
  • what other ways do you go about finding a new job?

Don’t forget to share your answers with us and other designers here.

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