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Importance of English Language in Freelancing

by Noshad Ali

English has been declared as the International communication language spoken in most parts of the world. All of the communications for international organizations and NGOs are carried out in English. Online freelancing is an example of working with an international company or an organization.

English has more importance in Freelancing online. Fiverr, Upwork and Guru.com are global platforms where communication is carried out in English language unless a client goes for a native freelancer which is very rare. So, if you don’t understand English you won’t be able to work online. You won’t be able to make your client understand your services, your experience, and expertise.

My story on the Importance of English language

I am going to share my story which depicts the importance of English in Freelancing. I am a Fiverr, and Upwork Freelancer. It has been more than 3 years and I have got impressive profiles. Recently, I got a client from the United States. She called an interview. She and her teammate talked to me for 15 minutes and all of the communication was in English.

They immediately selected me after the interview and told me that they rejected a lady whom they interviewed before. The reason was she could not speak well English. She kept saying Yes and No throughout the interview for every question. After the initial questions, I talked to them about their business, asked questions, and we even had some jokes during the interview which resulted in me getting a handsomely paid job.

So, my English language skills helped me land in a long term position. This is the importance of English. Other than English, your Business Development Skills also counts a lot in communications with the clients. BDS (Business Development Skills) is an effective way of communicating about your skills and expertise, and how you convince the client to hire you for his job instead of all of the other freelancers on the marketplace.

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