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Tips for creating your profiles on Freelancing Platforms

You are now familiar with many freelancing and freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and many others that we have discussed in the previous articles. In this article, we will discuss some guidelines for making a strong profile.

You have to go through two processes at the beginning. First is signing up for your desired freelancing platform, and the second is to build an attractive profile that shows your skills and expertise.

In this article, we will discuss some general guidelines for creating some good looking profiles.

Good Looking Profile Picture

A good looking profile picture plays a very important role in attracting your client. Every freelancing platform asks you for a photo. This should be a headshot with a smile on your face.

Profile Overview

The profile overview area is to tell the client about yourself and your expertise in a few lines. Think of the keywords that a client would possibly use if he or she is looking for some services of your expertise and try using it a few times in the overview.

Profile Video

Freelancing platforms like Upwork gives you the option to upload a short introductory video of yourself. Your video is more likely to increase your sales a thousand times and increases the credibility of your profile.


List your best work in the portfolio section that shows your skills and expertise. Clients prefer to see the previous works that you have done and most of them ask for it if they don’t find it on your profile.

Skills and Certifications

You should add your skills and certifications in the relevant spaces. List your skills from the best you know. Try not to repeat the skills that you have already listed.

Add your certifications that you have done from an accredited body. This will increase the credibility of your account.

Employment History and Education

Your employment history and educational background also play a vital role in making your profile stronger. Never miss them out and list your employment history and educational details from the latest information.

You are good to go with your profile now. Good Luck and happy earning.

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