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4 changes that will happen after COVID-19 in offices

by Noshad Ali

COVID-19 is going to stay in our lives for decades. The changes it has taken can be seen in the first few months but how it is going to change our lifestyle and jobs nature can be unexpected.

1. Offices are dead

Offices are all closed during the lockdown. So companies are realizing they don’t need offices. They are realizing they don’t need to pay rent of millions of dollars if their employees can work from home.

Google and Facebook have decided that their employees don’t need to come to office until 2021.

2. Jobs

Many jobs can be done remotely. All you need is the Internet. When COVID-19 hit, many people moved out of New York back to their home towns. They realized why do they need to pay a lot of money for a small apartment just to live in a big city.

3. Cities

Cities will not be the same. People are realizing they don’t like traffic, noise, and pollution. They can work next to an exciting natural beauty. Soon, many people will immigrate from cities to small towns, farms, and beaches where they get closer to nature which will make them more productive. This means all of the major cities in the world are not going to be the same.

4. Talent

Talent is the most exciting part. Google can hire you wherever you are in the world if you have the talent. This means if you are a genius and you have hands-on skills, and you live in any part of the world, Google will hire you directly from your bedroom.

Many hirings have been done online without meeting the candidates in persons in the last few months during COVID-19.

This is why COVID-19 will stay around for decades. The virus will disappear but its effects will be around for a long time. Once we realize our jobs can be done remotely, we will not want to get stuck in the traffic, pay thousands of dollars for small apartments, just to get to the offices.

COVID-19 is a global tragedy but a historic one. It can change our lives, jobs nature, offices, and our countries forever, which means this is the perfect time to get a stronger Internet. 😆

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