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How to solve disputes with your clients?

by Noshad Ali

Have you ever been into a dispute with your client? Did your client ever change his mind during the project?

It happens sometimes. If you and your client face disagreements over certain things after the project has been started, then there is a dispute or resolution center provided by the Freelancing platform where you work.

The common way how they work is they give both parties a chance to solve their problem in the resolution chat box which will be monitored by the resolution team. If both parties agree on certain terms and solve the dispute in the resolution box, then you are done with it.

If any of the parties don’t agree on any point, then there is an arbitration board in the resolution center which helps in solving the problem. They do it by checking into the project details, past communications, and agreements/disagreements. The arbitration board looks into the matter and solve the problem either by dividing the budget between the two parties in a certain ratio or any other way they feel.

Most of the disputes are solved in resolution chat box.

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