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Taking Special Care of Your Mental Health in the Pandemic

by Rabeeya Hashmi

As the year 2020 is proceeding, the fear of pandemic is culminating more towards a dark alley. But at the ultimate end of every dark tunnel resides a bright light to bless its followers.

Since people are losing their jobs, staying at home, ruminating about what’s going to happen next, this state of chaos fills every human nerve with immense fear and uncertainty about the future. Such challenging times have emerged now, and we need to be extra careful and cautious of our Mental Health in 2020.

Hence, Taking Care Of Mental Health During Lockdown becomes an important and remarkable issue these days.

Keeping an Eye on Your Mental State:

To remain calm and sane, you need to keep an analytical eye on your mental state. It would help if you did some self-observation daily about how you are feeling day today. How your feelings are transforming as the lockdown period extends? Also, how to overcome your feelings of restlessness and disruption as you find yourself more restricted than ever? 

Reorganizing your Thought Process:

Once you identify your mental health problems like anxiety or restlessness, you can further easily find a solution by actively reorganizing your thought process. Taking Care Of Your Mental Health is compulsory and mandatory in 2020.

Receiving Daily Affirmations:

Affirmations play a significant role in reorganizing your thought process as you can receive daily affirmations from an external source, or you can do it by yourself. The declaration is a kind of reminder to your brain that everything is going to be alright and that you possess the best potential to overcome your difficulties.

Controlling the Negative Thought Cycle

You need to know when your mind is running pessimistic, and as soon as you realize you need to break the cycle of negative thoughts by inserting new positive thinking into your account. Then keep practicing it till you get a significant number of positive ideas and perspectives. Then make it a regular habit. Intentionally reading positive quotations and instructing your mind to be positive in the adverse situation of Covid-19 brings a significant change in your present life. 

Keeping Busy in Constructive Hobbies

You must choose some creative hobbies which help you express yourself so that you do not feel suppressed emotionally, and the creative flow keeps you light and frivolous. Not only will this give you a means of catharsis in your life, and you will soon value the significance of adopting a constructive hobby in the hour of turmoil. It will distract your mind from managing stress to positively expressing the emotions. The pressure on your account will be released, and an outlet is granted immediately.

Taking Out some Time for Exercising

In the era of social distancing, you cannot go to the gyms and miss your friends and social circle. But you must exercise at home daily for at least 15-20 minutes, which will rejuvenate your energies and release the Endorphins in your brain. Endorphins are one of the happy hormones, and they help in fighting depression and anxiety automatically. Exercising is healthy for the body, but its effect on mental health is fabulous. The stress you are facing builds up Cortisol in your body, and deteriorating this Cortisol, you need to enjoy a rush of happy hormones in your brain to make you feel motivated and inspired in these times of hardship.


Life has never been so hard until 2020 has revealed its ugly face. And now we have to cope with it at any cost. We were not prepared before, but after reading this article, you can get some insight into your daily life routine and revise your schedule by reorganizing your habits. Healthier habits lead to a healthy mind, and a healthy mind leads to a happy ad satisfied life. More than the satisfaction we need to survive in this time of chaos, and this survival instinct is reinforced by only positive thinking and a highly courageous intention. Keep your spirits high and be ready for this battle of humanity against the pandemic of 2020. Taking care of your Mental Health in 2020 is compulsory.

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