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The female face of technology-Rethink

by Shahina Ahmed

Female face of technology needs attention. In the past 10 years upswing in women delineation at various industries, particularly tech companies have tremendously increased worldwide but still, there is a long way away. In the meantime Re-code industrial analysis suggests that women occupy only 30 percent of leadership positions in technological industries therefore, the female face of technology needs attention. As this is the era of data science and digital learning so it’s time to knock over the way, we perceive things about the allocation of start-up funding’s for women in multiple tech sectors. Because diversity welcomes more creativity that results in a visionary environment there upon, finding more courses of action to assist various people of color and women is a necessary step of the time.

The female face of Tech-The Numbers

The United States has a great hub of technological industries still the women workforce shows minority in some of its huge tech sectors. Among them are Microsoft, Uber, and Twitter with the lowest range of 16 percent. There are some alarming statistical reports by Hire.com and viser.org computing women earning which is less than 8 percent in technical positions. While less than 4 percent has been reported for product management roles. Though this industry has also left itself behind not only in hiring rather granting ownership is also minimal. According to a report by the Institute of women policy research less than 8 percents of women own patent rights. But stats for turnover is opposite as the rate is double in women than men. It is also seen that when women run their organizations they hire more women and they generate three times higher revenue than organizations having male CEOs.

There are certain steps we can take to bring inclusivity in the tech sector for augmenting women’s participation.

Create communities and supportive networks

It’s a fact that women are more comfortable in the companion of other women to assist each other, but the substantial change always comes from the opposite side that is men. It is peremptory that the higher management should cultivate such a culture at the workplace which is not only welcoming for women rather, it should empower her to develop in her role. Additionally, it is not brand new to give fringe benefits to women in the form of flexible working hours and maternity leaves but to retain her at such places needs more than baseline perks. Such tech companies require to ardently invest in female employees to avert them from feeling secluded. There are multiple ways through which companies can support women like the most influencing are boosting her skill set, arranging events, workshops that target her career lane.

Rattle the traditional and promote awareness

As it is obvious that inclusivity results in a visionary environment so any company which is in favor of welcoming more women is inviting success to their companies. Above mentorship, various routes are applicable for women’s development on their lineup and advocate for their achievements. There is a startup named SAP that helps women get connected to more women in the tech sector across the world. This has been initiated in more than 40 countries which are positively affecting more than 11000 people by hosting a monthly webcast series ‘Women’s professional Growth’.These webcast series are trying to form encouraging bonds by sharing exemplary stories, inspirational hard work, and challenges faced by women in such technological industries.

 There are some common challenges women faced in Tech companies that become a barrier to their progression.

  • Career breaks create hurdles for getting back
  • The feeling of not fitting in and apprehending the self threat
  • Speaking goes unappreciated and unheard
  • Balancing private and professional life

How to overcome such obstacles

Discrimination and inequality towards women should be reported to higher management for prompt action. And companies should take immediate alacrity and solve it by addressing sexual orientations at work abodes.Social standards and societal norms put on women should be revoked in families and workplaces to avoid the feeling of insecurity and exclusion.For attaining development women should throw away seeking balance, generalization, and ignorant affection.

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