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iPhone 13 using satellite LEO communications that enable calls and texts from users without SIM

by Rahima Jan

Apple’s iPhone 13 will, according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, include satellite communication links that would allow transmit and receive calls and texts in non-cellular areas.

According to Kuo, the upcoming device is packed with hardware to access Low-Earth satellites, allowing it to stay connected in the lacking 4G or 5G area, according to a document seen by MacRumors.

Consumers who living in or near locations where cellular service isn’t accessible, as well as visitors who journey into areas where connectivity isn’t available but still want the peace of mind of always-on communications previously reserved for satellite phones, may profit from such a feature.


The iPhone 13 is expected to be released in September 2021, with the third or fourth Friday of the month being the most likely release date (which makes it September 17 or 24).

Earlier to 2020, new iPhones were frequently introduced on the first or second Tuesday of September. If it happens again in 2021, the iPhone 13 series is expected to be launched on September 7 or 14, with a release date 10 days later.

According to many observers, an announcement is expected in the third week of September this year, which means September 14 is the most likely date, while September 15 is still a possibility, since the company periodically launches phones on Wednesdays.

APPLE iPhone 13

After a significant number of design and functionality changes in the apple iPhone 12, the “apple iPhone 13” is expected to be essentially unchanged. Because apple iPhone upgrades happen in a tick-tock pattern, this year is likely to be a minor-update year focused on specifications and reliability.

iPhone 13

Apple launched four apple iPhone models in 2020, and analysts predict that the 2021 selection will be the same. Despite the fact that the apple iPhone 12 small is the least popular model, an upgraded version will be released in the autumn as the “apple iPhone 13 mini.”

NEW iPhone 13

With a fresh design, the iPhone 12 returned to flat edges, implying that the “new iPhone 13” will not vary much from year to year. For the “new iPhone 13,” new colors might be offered. White, black, blue, green, and (PRODUCT)RED are the current colors available. To increase sales, Apple generally changes one of the original tones with another.

Since the iPhone X, Apple has been reported to be reintroducing Touch ID in the iPhone via some form of under-screen or power button implementation. Apple is thought to be working on the technology, although the “new iPhone 13” is unlikely to include Touch ID in any form.


According to one expert (leaker Jon Prosser), 1TB iPhones might arrive in 2021. That’s a storage capacity the firm hasn’t tried previously, at least for smartphones, and we expect it to be available on the most priced Pro devices. This is something we’ve heard a lot.

If Prosser’s information is true, that may be the most costly iPhone ever, with so much storage in one device. This sort of feature would be more beneficial for experts than for regular users, but for the time being, it appears to be simply a prototype that Apple is testing.

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