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How does Screen Time affect your Children?

by Beenish Atique

Screen Time, Do you know what is it?

It’s easy for the parents to get away from their children’s tantrums by handing gadgets to them. They look quiet, passive, and non-interfering. Bowing down tiny creature is busy in his/her mini but vulnerable world. Parents can complete their chores/work now, thinking everything is under control, yet the world is witnessing countless disorders among toddlers and children.-Ouch! Something is fishy.

What does screen time do to your child?

The subconscious mind of a child works like a sponge. It takes the things as it is and imagines it to be real. Endless lists of contents and poems moving with high-pitched music in the background make a child sort of aggressive. The child wants to touch the characters appearing on the screen, imitate them, and befriend them but cannot find them in real life. It is observed that children who spend more time on screen are isolated and make fewer new friends. Screen time also weakens physical health, and improper body posture may result in back pain from a young age. A child’s imagination is badly affected by such screen time. The animated and fancy world creates an illusion in the child’s head about the real world. Their favorite characters moving with speed makes them hyperactive and sometimes less sensitive.

What Royals choose for their kids?

According to hyperbazar, Kate Middleton keeps her kids out of T.V and screen time and prefers spending time in nature. She is very particular about her kids’ upbringing and encourages them to opt for painting, drawing, and physical games instead of screen time. I’m sure you must have seen her kids.

Recommended Screen Time

We need conscious parenting to avoid screen time. However, if you can’t manage due to various reasons, then at least strict the screen time. Don’t allow your child to use screens more than two or three hours per day especially for toddlers). Create exciting activities for them and help them to explore the world naturally. Remember, parental control is essential for screen time, and it is not difficult at all.

Design your day

As humans, we tend to generate new habits. Design a new life for your child from today. Allot them some creative corners in a room for themselves, such as writing, painting, reading, and singing corners. Introduce them to their real-world with pictorial and colorful charts. Perform all the activities with them. After all, a parent is the role model for the child. Tell them stories and sing them their favorite songs. Give them proper and undivided attention to become their favorites. They will love their new routine.

How to use technology in your favor?

Allow viewing your child some screen time but control the screen time through apps that are available on
iPhones/Android. Choose a screen time as per your convenience but make sure it is not before bedtime. Let them enjoy the perks of technology while getting control in your hands. However, the matter will be a little bit challenging with the pre-teenagers. You might need to put more effort into them to decrease their screen time.

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